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BridgeAthletic November Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

As the anticipation builds leading up to the US Olympic Trials in June and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, we will stoke the excitement with high performance tips and training techniques on an ongoing basis.

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BridgeAthletic Building Blocks – MB#1

The BridgeAthletic Building Block Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be modified for swimmers of all levels to perform on pooldeck.

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BridgeAthletic October Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

We are 8 months and 11 days away from the first heat going off at the 2016 USA Swimming Olympic Trials. Are you ready?

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Learn the Hex-Bar Deadlift to Increase your Swim Strength

We prefer to recommend the Hex Bar / Trap Bar over a regular barbell because it helps to decrease shear forces on the lumbar spine. This allows you to stabilize your shoulders in neutral and promotes proper movement mechanics, especially with taller athletes.


Learn the Dumbbell Deadlift to Increase your Swim Strength

The Dumbbell Deadlift is one of our favorite exercises to increase your swimmer strength.

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Learn Kettlebell Goblet Squats to Increase your Swim Strength

The KB/DB Goblet Squat is simply the Frog Squat movement but holding a kettlebell or dumbbell at chest height.


Learn Monster Walks to Increase your Swim Strength

If you are doing this correctly, taking your time, staying low and keeping your hips level in all 4 directions, you should feel a good muscle ‘burn’ in your glutes and quads.

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Learn the Frog Squat to Increase your Swim Strength

Today we are introducing the Frog Squat! The Frog Squat focuses on lower-extremity flexibilty, hip stability and posture.


How to Ramp Up Stroke-Specific Strength Training

Swimmers train differently depending on their stroke specialty and preferred distances. Butterflyers, backstrokers, breastrokers, and freestylers require unique strength exercises…


Strength Training with Hyper-mobile Joints

Hyper-mobile joints are advantageous in swimming, but can be detrimental to strength training on land if the athlete is not mindful of the tendency to hyperextend or hyper-rotate these joints.


Master Your Pullup for Swim Strength

The second version in our Pullup progression has brought you to the same place – Pullup mastery. Don’t forget to show us what you’ve got.

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Master The Assisted Hammer-Grip Pullup for Your Swim Strength Program

Today’s exercise the Assisted Hammer-Grip Pullup is not only great prep for the pullup, but also an amazing test pullup preparedness.

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Master The Lawn-Mower Pull for Your Swim Strength Program

Welcome to day 3 of the combo pullup progression. Today we are introducing the Lawn-Mower Pull!

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Master The Decline Lat Pulldown for Your Swim Strength Program

Welcome to day 2 of the Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic. The second exercise in this progression is the Decline Lat Pulldown.

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Master The Seated Cable Row for Your Swim Strength Program

The first exercise in the progression is a Seated Cable Row. This exercise allows athletes that struggle to pull their own weight to progress safely towards the pullup.

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