BridgeAthletic December Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

December 2015.

Just under 6 months until the 2016 USA Swimming Olympic Trials. Are you ready?

As the anticipation builds leading up to the US Olympic Trials in June and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, we will stoke the excitement and bring you high performance training techniques and tips on an ongoing basis to help you better prepare for your shot at greatness. For our next tip, we are discussing the impact of holiday training both mentally and physically, and how to get the most out of your training during the month of December.

The December training block is typically the hardest training block you will endure this season ahead of the Olympic Trials. With the festive holiday season come feasts, extra travel, and various distractions from your typical training schedule. We’ve got these tips to help you make the most out of this tough, but critical, training block ahead of you.

Keep Your Goals In Mind – Mental

The majority of the holidays will be the toughest training you will be doing all year. Take some time to either set new goals or to remind yourself of what you are working towards when the going gets tough because it will. Keep daily reminders of these goals for Trials to maximize both short-term and long-term success.

Bridge Tip – Keep a visual reminder of your goal times for Trials that you will see everyday. Having these heading into every practice will remind you what you are working towards.

Keep Hitting The Gym – Physical

Conquer December training by avoiding injury and costly mistakes that only happen when you are broken down. By utilizing not only proper dynamic warmup procedures but also recovery protocols, you can get the most out of your challenging holiday training. Proper nutrition, hydration, foam rolling and stretching will keep you fresh and ready for your next practice, strength workout, or race.

Bridge Tip – During your travels this December bring a foam roller wherever you go. Even away from your typical training environment, you will have the ability to get the benefits of a foam roller.

By addressing both the mental and physical preparations for December training, you are taking the next step in your 2016 Olympic Trials preparation.

Good luck – make everyday count!


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