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Everything You Need To Know For Your Official Recruiting Trip Visit

Here are some recruiting trip tips to maximize your experience and get the coaches to really want you.


American College Connection Hires Ed Lower as Assistant Director of Swimming

American College Connection, a national leader in college athletics recruiting services, has hired Ed Lower to bolster its aquatics division.


Gary Cox Announced As American College Connection’s New Director of Diving

Cox served as the Assistant Diving coach at the U of Nebraska and the head coach for Nebraska Aquatics diving for 4 years. 

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Social Media: Can You Manage It?

When you are being recruited, the first thing coaches peruse is your social media habits and your comments. This is your opportunity to shine and sell your potential, but a lot of swimmers are not thinking when they rapidly type in the first thing that comes to mind.


The Secrets of College Recruiting

Rick Paine: “I have been in the recruiting business for over 30 years; 17 as a D-I coach and Recruiting Coordinator and 13 years as the Director of Swimming for American College Connection. I have learned what certain coaches look for in recruits…”


How to Separate Yourself from the Thousands of Recruits Out There

If you want to swim in college, you have to work at it. Don’t expect the coaches to come to you.


Remembering Nebraska Swimmer Jon Nelson

Jon came from Storm Lake, Iowa as a :54 second hundred freestyler and ended his career as the team captain of one of the best men’s teams in the country.

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I’m a College Swim Parent; Now What Do I Do?

Your child is 18 years old, a graduate from high school and ready to start his/her next chapter hundreds of miles away from you. What do you do now?


How Freshmen College Swimmers Can Deal With Homesickness

Being away from home for the first time is an experience much like the recruiting process. You can go “nuts” or you can make the best of it. It is strictly up to you.


College Recruiting: There is Nothing Magic About July 1

Don’t panic if you have not received a ton of calls on July 1. This is only the first day that D-I coaches are “allowed” to start making calls.


4 College Recruiting Tips for Club Swim Coaches

Here are “four tips” that coaches can help their swimmers with the college recruiting process.

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When is My Club Swim Coach Going to Get Me Recruited?

“Helping swimmers and parents through the recruiting process is a full time job, and you can’t expect your club coach to do everything that is necessary to help you get recruited.”


How to Find a Good College Swim Team

It is pretty easy to find a strong swimming school by looking at the rankings, but what about all of the other schools that are not consistently ranked. How do you determine if a school has a good swim program and if it is headed in the right direction?


Secrets of College Recruiting: Why Race Video Matters

You don’t have to win or even go a best time or have perfect strokes, starts or turns, but you do have to RACE. Coaches want to see you race.

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How to Invite Yourself For a College Recruiting Visit

Contributor, Rick Paine, is a friend and an expert on the college recruiting process. He is also the Director of Swimming…