Switzerland’s Flori Lang Breaks FinSwimming World Record

Swimming is a major player on the Olympic scene. In fact, it is one of the biggest players, thanks to the Phelps-fueled hysteria.

But there is another side to the sport that lurks in the shadows. FinSwimming. There, not only are fins encouraged, they’re required. The sport has a full contingent of global competitions, including a World Cup, a World Junior Championship, and continental championships, and compete at their own global answer to the Olympics – the World Games that host all of the Olympic castouts (like bowling, rugby sevens, and tug-of-war).

Swiss National Record holder Flori Lang went a long way toward bringing the sport into the light on Wednesday, when he broke the FinSwimming BiFin World Record in the 50 meter surface bifin swim with a 19.10. This means that swimming freestyle, with fins, following the normal rules about 15 meter underwaters, Lang swam a 19.10. “Bifins” are standard, separate fins (as compared to monofins, where hte feet are yolked together like a mermaid).

That is hauling for a man whose best in standard competition is 22.06. His swim took down the 2011 record held by the Czech Republic’s Andrej Broda in 19.34 from that year’s World Championships.

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previous WR was hold by czech swimmer Ondrej Broda that swam that time at WCH in hungary last year, time was 19.34,

Adam Sinicky is hungarian swimmer that swam this time at hungarian national champs.


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