SwimSwam Podcast: Michael Andrew on Paths of Growth During Quarantine

On SwimSwam Podcast, we’re giving you an in-depth listen at all things swimming. Host Coleman Hodges welcomes guests and guest co-hosts alike to get perspective on our ever-changing swimming universe and break down the past, present, and future of aquatic sports.

We sat down with Michael Andrew, who took us through his “training schedule” during quarantine. Andrew has been doing the majority of his training outside of the pool, including weight training, paddling in the ocean, and cycling. Essentially, doing everything he can to make himself the strongest vessel possible. He is also able to get back into the pool as well, still keeping his feel and speed up in the pool.

Music: Otis McDonald


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Splash and dash

MA is great, but SwimSwam, can you give us an Olympian on your next podcast?


There’s an Olympian on every podcast. Right Mel?

ha…. I cannot believe it’s been 28 years since my OGs experience. Feels like a dream now. (Splash and Dash? Dude! We have endless Olympians on the PC…..)

Texas swims in a short pool

your name is splash and dash yet you don’t appreciate one of the best 50m Freestylers in US history and is still only 20…


One of the fastest…imo, being on the list of one of the best would require some major international hardware…Biondi, Jager, Hall, Ervin are all still arguably better, though with the exception of Ervin, all are slower


He won the 50 at Pan Pacs…


I really don’t understand the hate. MA is one of the most promising young athletes in USA’s swimming community and a great sponsor for the sport. You may not like HOW he trains, but you can’t doubt he’s reached great success and used his platform as an athlete to help spread and popularize the sport. (i.e Vlogs, podcasts). Also I didn’t realize a 1:56 IM 21.4 free, and 59.1 breast are not qualified as olympic-level times?

Edit: nice haircut Coleman

Jason Zajonc

Give him his due…great swimmer…great interview…please stop with the Olympic deal…its like saying Charles Barkley was not a good basketball player cause he never won a NBA title…great job swim swam for covering swimmers alike…thanks

…agreed…..and I think swimming’s maturing to the point that you can clearly earn a living as a pro, gain achievements, and not go to an Olympics and still claim an extremely successful career. ALSO, the college swim market is bigger than the Olympic market….meaning more readers consume college news over the entire season than the 16 days of OTs and OGs. College swimming is truly an international space with high honors and extremely dedicated fans….


I remember Randal Bal was a pro I looked up to in high school. He was fast won a lot of races. I read about his weight lifting routine and sprint training and wanted to emulate it and build up upper body like his (also wanted to be as tall as him which didn’t work out.

He didn’t make the Olympics dispute being of the best sprinters in the world.

The Importer AND Exporter

We went to Dressels last NCAAs at Minnesota and also 2016 trials and the NCAA meet was by far the more exciting and fun meet.

Brian M

100% agree. There are tons of phenomenal swimmers who didn’t make the OT, and I would be more than interested in hearing what they have to say. Think of how many awesome swimmers finished 3rd at trials.


In 08 Matt Grevers gave an interview after making the team in the 100 back how he came into trials with a focus on making top 6 in the 100 free. Backstroke was an afterthought which he swam because his coach thought it would be good as a warm up race. That was a close race anyone in the top 5 (6if you count Phelps) in the country had a realistic chance of getting 2nd. (Bal, Thoman, Lotchte, Plummer) In the 100 he got 6th, and that was with Phelps and Locthe not doing swimming finals (I think Phelps even scratched Semi Finals). (He was 7th going into finals). What if got 3rd in Backstroke, or didn’t even swim it?… Read more »


yet , Charles ( loved the guy;s character in basketball in the 90’s ) was part of the Magnificent Dreamteam of the 92 Magical OG

Ol' Longhorn

Hey, but Barkley won an Olympic gold…so maybe use another example.


Only Olympians are allowed to comment.


I’m sensing another case of MADS. Michael Andrew Derangement Syndrome.


Your hate for MA is misplaced and I don’t like it one bit. But I have to respect that diss. Very well done.


People can’t even understand a joke smh…


Out of interest Mel/Coleman, does content about Michael get as many more views as it does comments? Like, would you expect today to get loads more hits than Murphy or is it just for some reason the same people reading all articles love to get involved in comments on an MA article?


I liked hearing about the business side of it. Clearly he is making a decent living for a guy in his early 20s from these meets and races. It was interesting to hear about how long it takes to get paid for these wins. I’m interested to know (and also acknowledge that’s it’s none of my business 🙂 ) about this 90k from the Fina meets, how much had to go to overhead (travel costs, hotel, having to eat out ect..). It made sense when he spoke about athletes passing on these meets due to the big delay. (Especially Americans who have to fly, and can’t drive or take a train throughout Europe) Unless you have a sponsor or agency… Read more »


Except he’s not single though 👀

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