‘Swimply’ Site Applies Airbnb Model To Swimming Pools

by Retta Race 2

September 10th, 2018 Lifestyle

Airbnb, the online market for lodging around the world, was introduced in 2008 and now, 10 years later, we’re seeing spin-offs in essentially every category, including aquatics.

A company called ‘Swimply’ has extended the successful Airbnb business model to swimming pools, with its website serving as an online hub both water seekers and owners can visit to list or rent out pools located around the country for as little as one hour at a time.

With listings in 18 states, including Arizona, Michigan, Florida and Texas, as well as Toronto, Ontario, Swimply helps sync up pool owners and would-be renters. The website enables users to search within designated cities within a state to see available pools. The cost per hour is listed for both weekdays and weekends, along with a list of pool amenities, such as ‘great for laps’, ‘heated’, as well as the dimensions and depth.

Price-wise, a well-equipped leisure pool in Southfield, Michigan (suburb of Detroit) rents for $40/hour, while a bigger and more feature-oriented (think hot tub and WiFi) place in Braintree, Massachusetts runs you $79/hour.

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Vincent Harris

Maybe Swim Swam could list Clubs willing to allow travelling/holidaying competitive swimmers in to training sessions.
The standard “cop-out” is, “our Insurance cover does not allow that ..yada yada yada….”

Its not like it happens all that often for it to be problematic and the visitor may well bring some fun/interest with them.
It can be awkward going along individually and asking, as the “right person to ask” is never there.

Hey, its just a thought. 🙂


Join USMS you can find a club in any small or large metro area or college town. The coach will let you drop in for a very reasonable fee. USMS members are covered by insurance. And you get to meet great people other swimmers like yourself!

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