Swimming From Home Talk Show: Brad Tandy on ASU Sprint Training

We are all trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as best we can. Staying at home and not socializing is not an easy task for anyone, and keeping a swimmer out of the pool is equally antagonizing. Therefore, SwimSwam is starting the Swimming From Home Talk Show, where host Coleman Hodges speaks with the swimming community about how they’re coping with our current goggle-less reality.

Brad Tandy and I’s conversation started about grocery stores, and our mutual confusion at why toilet paper had become such a hot commodity (can anyone tell us?). Tandy then explained the stress that went on in his last 2 weeks while trying to figure out if South Africa (now in total lockdown) was, indeed, having their Olympic Trials, and if he needed to fly back for that.

Lastly, he helps get my Practice + Pancake fix in by explaining what sprint group at Arizona State had done for their recovery practice.

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Sun Yangs Hammer
2 years ago

So many swimmers are secret nerds. Grevers loves World of Warcraft, Remel plays Smash on his Switch, and allegedly James Guy likes to beat up on Blake Pieroni in COD

Ol' Longhorn
2 years ago

If ever there was a photo about the coupling motions Gary Hall, Sr. talks about on the start it would be this one — and then another one showing the two swimmers at 15 meters with Tandy half a body-length ahead. He’s not off the blocks faster at all but look at his head and arms.

2 years ago

Probably one of Coleman’s easiest interviews in that Brad likes to talk…..and that is a good thing for the host!

2 years ago

I liked that this episode had less of a coronavirus focus

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