SSPC: USA Swimming COO Mike Unger Talks Golden Goggles Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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USA Swimming COO Mike Unger drops in on the SwimSwam pod to talk about the 2020 Golden Goggles — streaming Nov 19th 8pm EST. This marks the 17th Goggles, and USA Swimming’s taking this opportunity to honor the 1980 Olympic Team.

(For young swimmers who may not know—President Carter boycotted the 1980 Olympics. So, there was not an Olympics that year for Team USA, a sad chapter in the Olympic movement that hurt many of our most iconic swim stars.)

Mike’s more than the USA swimming COO, he’s a bit of a swim historian—who loves our sport dearly and has always wanted to honor this US Olympic Team. Mike’s crew at USA swimming has dedicated a lot energy toward this TV event, and I strongly believe this will be a special Golden Goggles you don’t want to miss. Tune in Nov 19, 8pm EST at

Music: Otis McDonald


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8 months ago

The fact that Mike Unger is still employed at USA Swimming is a slap in the face to the membership and especially the sexual abuse victims. He should have been shown the door at the same time as Pat Hogan and Susan Woessner. I believe he knew about the coverups and USA Swimming’s strategy to attack and bankrupt the victims and their families.

Tim Morrison
Reply to  Guerra
8 months ago

Although I’m aware of some of the alleged head turning activity he’s been charged with, regardless, to attack someone like that publically demands more substanced support information than “I believe he knew…”
That said the ‘In-House’ loyalty to Coaches and swim/gymnastic organizations related to these offenses is as sickening as the incidents themselves for sure.

Last edited 8 months ago by Tim Morrison
Reply to  Tim Morrison
8 months ago

He knew and was part of it. He was Chuck Wielgus’ right hand man and once was quoted as saying USA Swimming was the “victim” in the sexual abuse scandal. I’ve also been told by two individuals that were in the club development department that Unger was involved in Chuck Wielgus’ secret deal to help former USA Swimming board members, Murray Stephens and Richard Schoulberg avoid any punishments with Safesport for their actions. So I guess, in Unger’s eyes you would get banned if you violated USA Swimming’s athlete protection rules, but not Stephens and Shoulberg because as the club development employee told me, Unger said “they are untouchable.”

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