SPIRE Academy Swimming Admissions Guide Details

Courtesy: SPIRE, a SwimSwam partner.

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Have you ever considered boarding school to focus on your academics and athletics?  Boarding school could be the right fit for young swimmers with dreams of competing in college or even the world-class ranks.


SPIRE swim training is based upon the individual needs of each athlete with a high level of focus on technique. We emphasize range of motion, flexibility and use a variety of methods to improve skills. By integrating elite athletes from around the world, we’re able to cultivate an intense, competitive, yet positive training atmosphere.

SPIRE Academy is under the direction of Aquatics Director/Head Coach Thad Schultz, a highly respected developer of talent. Thad previously coached at Ohio State, Penn State and Clemson. He’s a former national champion. He’s worked with nine Olympians – four of whom were gold medalists. Coach Schultz believes that the swimming experience should also help develop life skills like leadership, commitment, self-discipline, organization and teamwork. And he knows that achievement is the product of setting goals and putting the body, mind and spirit in motion to reach those objectives.


SwimSwam got the opportunity to visit SPIRE Academy in Geneva, Ohio to film one of their workouts as well as a very special summer camp. We ate breakfast in “SPIRE Fuel”, the on-campus dining area that is just down the hall from the world-class aquatics facility. SPIRE Academy has a 10-lane, 50-meter pool to train in, with state-of-the-art blocks and equipment at their disposal. Coach Thad Schultz not only has the athletes’ best interests and goals in mind by constantly learning from the world’s best athletes.

Download the SPIRE Admissions Guide



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