South Carolina High School Team Pulled From State Meet Over COVID Positive

Fort Dorchester High School was removed from South Carolina’s high school state swim meet after a positive COVID-19 test.

WCSC5 reports that a member of Fort Dorchester’s team tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday. That forced the team out of the high school state championship meet, which will take place on Saturday and on Tuesday of next week.

So far, Fort Dorchester has been the only team pulled from the meet. But the WCSC5 report says that the COVID-positive swimmer competed in a meet last Saturday along with other teams. So far, no other swimmers on the Fort Dorchester team have tested positive.

South Carolina is hosting its high school state swimming events this weekend, the first high school state meets in the country this school year. The meets have already been adjusted quite a bit due to the coronavirus pandemic. The season’s start date was delayed several weeks, and the state meets have been broken down further than usual.

South Carolina’s SCHSL typically runs its state meets for girls and boys simultaneously, with the three school-size divisions (3A, 4A, and 5A) split between two different days.

This year, the meet is essentially split into six separate meets. All three divisions of girls teams will compete on Saturday, with 3A at 10 AM, 4A at 2 PM, and 5A at 6 PM. The boys will follow the same schedule next Monday, which will limit the number of athletes on deck at the same time.

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13 days ago

What a shame. The rest of the team shouldn’t have been pulled out of the meet. Unfortunately, this team made the mistake of not working to achieve herd immunity a couple months ago. It wouldn’t have been an issue now.

Last edited 13 days ago by Guerra
13 days ago

Guerra, hiswimcoach? Comments, please.

Reply to  MarkB
13 days ago

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say predict that hiswimcoach is gonna call this a massive mistake and it was a missed opportunity to develop herd immunity. SAD!

Nurse who swims
Reply to  MarkB
13 days ago

So much criticism directed at Hiswimcoach on these threads. Seems to me like one of the major themes in hiswimcoach’s comments is advocacy to allow the sport of swimming to continue with appropriate safety protocols in place. Anyone who visits this site could surely appreciate that message. Good luck to all of the swimmers at this state meet and also to all of the organizers and officials. Best wishes to the swimmer who tested positive. Keep swimming, SwimSwam readers and commenters.

13 days ago

We need to live our lives around the virus and not run and hide and curl up in the fetal position from the mere mention of it.

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