Sarah Sjostrom, Vlad Morozov Top Final 2018 FINA World Cup Standings


The 2018 FINA World Cup series wrapped up in Singapore this weekend, with cluster #3 and overall winners receiving their prize money. The final cluster featured stops in Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore. On the women’s side, Katinka Hosszu edged Sarah Sjostrom by six points to win cluster #3, earning $50,000. With wins in clusters #1 and #2, however, Sjostrom claimed the overall women’s title (339 points to 303), and won the $150,000 grand prize; Hosszu took home $100,000 for finishing second overall and Ranomi Kromowidjojo $50,000 for finishing third.

On the men’s side, Russia’s Vladimir Morozov earned himself $50,000 for winning cluster #3, followed by China’s Jiayu Xu ($35,000), and Russia’s Kirill Prigoda ($30,000). Morozov took home the overall title by a landslide, leading Prigoda (231) by 171 points. Australian Mitch Larkin was just behind Prigoda with 222 points, winning $50,000, and American Michael Andrew was fourth with 201 points.

Cluster #3 Prize Money – Women

Place Country Last Name First Name Prize Money
1 HUN HOSSZU Katinka $50,000
2 SWE SJOSTROM Sarah $35,000
3 NED KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi $30,000
4 NED HEEMSKERK Femke $20,000
5 RUS EFIMOVA Yulia $10,000
6 JAM ATKINSON Alia $5,000
7 AUS SEEBOHM Emily $4,000
8 NED TOUSSAINT Kira $3,000

Cluster #3 Prize Money – Men

Place Country Last Name First Name Prize Money
1 RUS MOROZOV Vladimir $50,000
2 CHN XU Jiayu $35,000
3 RUS PRIGODA Kirill $30,000
4 AUS LARKIN Mitchell $20,000
5 USA ANDREW Michael $10,000
6 USA PIERONI Blake $5,000
7 CHN WANG Shun $4,000
8 CHN Li Zhuhao $3,000

Final Overall Women’s Points

Rank Country Family Name First Name Total Cluster #1 Cluster #2 Beijing (CHN) Tokyo (JPN)
Singapore (SGP)
1 SWE SJOSTROM Sarah 339 120 84 33 48 54
2 HUN HOSSZU Katinka 303 90 72 60 48 33
3 NED KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi 255 63 66 33 57 36
4 RUS EFIMOVA Yulia 255 78 75 51 30 21
5 NED HEEMSKERK Femke 198 51 42 39 33 33
6 JAM ATKINSON Alia 182 0 89 21 24 48
7 AUS SEEBOHM Emily 138 0 60 24 24 30
8 NED TOUSSAINT Kira 135 66 6 18 21 24

Final Overall Men’s Points

Rank Country Family Name First Name Total Cluster #1 Cluster #2 Beijing (CHN) Tokyo (JPN)
Singapore (SGP)
1 RUS MOROZOV Vladimir 402 84 134 54 70 60
2 RUS PRIGODA Kirill 231 36 72 60 45 18
3 AUS LARKIN Mitchell 222 72 72 21 18 39
4 USA ANDREW Michael 201 87 36 27 24 27
5 USA PIERONI Blake 183 57 60 27 15 24
6 RUS CHUPKOV Anton 177 90 36 21 9 21
7 CHN XU Jiayu 158 0 0 30 74 54
8 HUN VERRASZTO David 105 54 18 18 9 6

Top 3 Women Overall – Bonus Prize Money

1 Sarah Sjostrom $150,000
2 Katinka Hosszu $100,000
3 Ranomi Kromowidjojo $50,000

Top 3 Men Overall – Bonus Prize Money

1 Vladimir Morozov $150,000
2 Kirill Prigoda $100,000
3 Mitch Larkin $50,000

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3 years ago

Honestly I think the format this year was better and made for a good race in the standings. That being said it’s far from perfect, I don’t like the FINA points chase overall but am not sure what would be a better way to determine performances.

I’m also skeptical at letting swimmers in for the lone competition. I think you should be obliged to swim a full cluster. As it was now, swimmers at certain points joined in for one competition, in tapered form, to win events and post great times. Which affected the total standings in a significant way. At the very least, don’t let these swimmers count towards the cluster bonuses if they only do one competition. They… Read more »

3 years ago

Hosszu won three gold medals in Singapore. Why does she have 33 points only instead of 36?

Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

Yeah, FINA’s own website gave Hosszu 33 points (I guess that’s where these numbers come from?)
But Hosszu did win three events in Singapore, 200/400 IM and 200 fly, and since each win is worth 12 points, the total should be 36.

3 years ago

Since Kromowidjojo and Efimova had the same total score (255), what is the tiebreaker that gave Kromo 3rd place?

Bear drinks beer
Reply to  iLikePsych
3 years ago

According to official Twitter of Fina:

* @ranomikromo won the tie with Yuliya Efimova for the third place
Tiebreaker #1, “best cluster scoring” ➡️ Tie
Tiebreaker #2, “best performance”: Kromowidjojo 984 pts vs Efimova 976 pts

Reply to  Bear drinks beer
3 years ago

That was unforgivable mistake done by Efimova at last race of three months long competition. To win $50,000 third place prize she wasn’t even needed to win this 50BR race.

3 years ago

What a great shot!

3 years ago

Americans right outside top at 4th and 5th

Reply to  Troy
3 years ago

That’s pretty good considering it’s usually rare for Americans to race all stops.

Reply to  Rachel
3 years ago

Blake raced at all the stops. Still great finishs next year two Americans top 3

3 years ago

Any chance of posting their total winnings for the whole WC series?

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

I was hoping for the same (total winnings across the series)

Reply to  FraserThorpe
3 years ago

It will be coming shortly. The new rules make the calculations a little more complex, so it just takes some time to calculate.

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago


Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

Braden, I always wondered why FINA is so cashed up? It is certainly not from ticket sales. Can’t imagine the TV ad revenue is too special. What is their revenue source exactly?

Reply to  Hank
3 years ago

Federations pay dues and Olympics pay them well. Just guessing!

Reply to  Hank
3 years ago

You can actually read all of their audited financial statements since 2013 here:

In 2017, of their $78 million in revenue, $5 million came from the IOC and $72 million came from “Events Income” (with small other amounts coming from other places).

Of the $5 million, $3.4 million came from the Olympic Games share of TV rights from Rio 2016 (that number was $27 million in the actual Olympic year).

Of the $72 million, the biggest numbers were $19 million from the World Championships partnership rights and fees, $7 million from partnership cancellation fees (which I assume it he penalty for Mexico withdrawing as host), $22 million from global TV rights… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

Interesting. Thanks for that info! I am surprised!

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Torrey Hart

Torrey is from Oakland, CA, and majored in media studies and American studies at Claremont McKenna College, where she swam distance freestyle for the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps team. Outside of SwimSwam, she has bylines at Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, and The Student Life newspaper.

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