Paris 2024 Reportedly Considering Changing Swimming Venue Plans

The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Frace were originally set to see pool swimming events take place at a 15,000 seat temporary venue. The venue would also play host to some of the water polo competition.

However, in an effort to control costs, organizers of the 2024 Olympic Games are reportedly now considering abandoning this plan and instead scheduling swimming for an existing venue.

Per Inside the Games, the swimming events’ venue decision will be up for approval at the Paris 2024 Executive Board meeting on September 30th.

The temporary aquatic centre was due to be built in front of the Stade de France in Seine-Saint-Denis. If plans do in fact change, the Paris La Défense Arena, the proposed venue for gymnastics at the Games, is among the options to host the swimming events.

Paris 2024 is also building a permanent aquatics centre to the tune of a 5,000 seat capacity, set to host artistic swimming, diving and some water polo competition. You can read more about the permanent venue’s plans, which have already been scaled back from an original 6,000 seats, here.

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1 month ago

Honestly this should be the new goal for hosting the Olympics. Choose cities that have existing infrastructure. Lower the costs, construction, and beauracracy. Prevent human crisis issues with questionable bidders willing to build at any cost.

1 month ago

4 years from the Opening Ceremony and they dont know where the swimming will be held????? That is just a bit crazy when you have 7 years to plan.

Reply to  torchbearer
1 month ago

My guess is they can’t afford to host the Olympics in general let alone provide a swimming venue that could hold 15K.

1 month ago

Could always reuse the 1924 pool. comment image

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