Oh, The InZanity!

Although American Record holder and distance star Zane Grothe has been quietly building his sprint speed to prepare for a freeestyle sweep in 2020, his training remains firmly planted in distance workouts like the two below. These were done in the lead up to the Mesa Pro Swim Series, where Zane took gold in the 1500 and 800 and silver in the 400 and 200, performances which put him tied with Chase Kalisz for the Series’ points lead. With a week of sets like these from Coach Mike Westphal at Indiana it’s amazing he even finished the races.

Tuesday P.M. (LCM)
3 Rounds:
2 x 300 @ 3:45
4 x 100 @ 1:15
+ 1:00 rest
Zane’s times:
3:09, 3:07
1:01, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00
3:06, 3:05
:59, :59, 1:00, :59
3:05, 3:04,
1:00, :59, :59, :59

Wednesday PM (SCY)
4 Rounds:
8 x 25 @ :40 fast with 4 dolphin kicks
1000 @ 10:30 descend 1-4
Zane’s times:
9:04 (4:31, 4:33)
8:54 (4:27.6, 4:27.3)

We could very well see best times from Zane in Indy, and that could mean new records of one kind or another.

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Good luck, SWIM DIFFERENT! And #traininzane

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So on the LCM set Zane is just slower than, matching, or beating his PB 1500 pace (1:00.78/302.34). Seems a new best time may be in reach.

Less sure about the SCY set. He would need to go 8:40 to match his PB 1,650 pace. Best here is 8:54. Maybe he was tired (I think anybody would be). The point here is he’s Zane Grothe.

Would like to see what he’s doing for the 200 speed. Another installment coming?


I think he was referring to his LCM best times given the rest of his meets this season are long course I believe


We’ll try to get more of his speed work posted, KSWIMS.

Brock the Breastsroker

Thanks. Awesome stuff




Speed work? Does he do speed work?

Coach John

american record speed-work


Matching your 1500 pace on 100s and 300s is very different than matching mile pace on a 1000. 8:54 is an exceptional time for anyone in practice.

Swimmer A

Especially after going a 9:04 the round before.


Yes. As demonstrated by the fact that he did one and not the other. I am not saying Zane loafed it on the 4×1000. I am also not saying that set is easy. I’m asking simply: on which race does he average a pace of 53.4 per 100 SCY? Last I checked…none of them. Even on a bad day. Obviously for 99.9% of swimmers that is a crazy time to hit in training. I’m prodding you to ask the question, “how does he think that will get him a personal best?” For Zane Grothe, swimming slower than mile pace (his “slowest” Freestyle race literally by velocity) won’t help him go faster than his mile pace. Violating the principle of specificity… Read more »


Not this again…


You don’t have to train at absolute mile pace to benefit your mile. My coach says that as long as you’re within ten percent of your mile pace in an aerobic set and are using an efficient stroke, you are training for your mile.


Ultra long race pace training, all swimming must be done at mile pace.


And you sir are violating the rule of super compensation and overload based training to increase speed. You need to overload the aerobic system, while yes hitting some mile pace to keep muscular system fit, but the aerobic is most important.

No successful distance swimmer does usrpt or whatever the heck you’re talking about.




You do not have to swim at your exact mile pace for long aerobic swims to get a benefit. I’m a miler and have trained with some exceptional milers in the past (much better than myself although obviously no where near Zane’s level), and I can tell you almost none of them can hit mile pace for a swim much over a 500 in practice. Does this mean they should just stop training their aerobic system altogether because it isn’t at race pace? Of course not, that would be an absurd method of training. Also, the principle of specificity is simply that training for a certain skill or strength develops that skill or strength. In the case of this set… Read more »


I wonder what he predicts for himself for the best times? He seems really happy with the way his swimming is progressing. I am hoping he makes a statement this summer, something like 3:41/14:35 double gold at pan-pacs.

Am I crazy? I assure you, I have my “zanity.”


Both those times seem a bit quick.

I wish I could find some of the sets I read Sun Yang was doing in his prime. I think one set was 100s @ 1:05 holding sub 1:00 LCM. Another was 30x200s-10 @ 2:30, 10 @ 2:20, 10 @ 2:10.


Stephen Holland (the bronze medalist at the Montreal games in the mile) did a LCM set of 15x100s @1:05 holding 1:00s and 59s back in 1976.


Heard Yang went 16×400 LCM, 4 @ 415, [email protected] 410, [email protected] 405, [email protected] 4; heard this from a Japanese national coach who’s best distance swimmer tried to do it with Yang. Yang completed the set while the Japanese swimmer apparently had to tap out after the 2nd one on 405.

If true, which was around 2012 when he went 14:31, that’s pretty intense.

If Grothe breaks 343 and 1440 this summer, I will be impressed, but not surprised.


Sub 3:43 seems more likely. He’s proven himself in short course mike but had yes to break 15:00 long course. I’d say around 14:50 would be a good time for him this summer


Yes you are


Wiat. Tuesday and Wednesday a week out? Or Tuesday and Wednesday the day before?


Zane said in an interview he did this the days leading up to the meet

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