No ‘A’ or ‘B’ Final Scratches On Day 2 In Santa Clara


There were no scratches from either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ finals after prelims today at the Santa Clara Pro Swim, though there were a few from the ‘C’ and ‘D’ finals.

Michael Jensen, who qualified for the A-final of the men’s 100 free, scratched out of the D-final in the men’s 100 fly. Katie Grover also scratched the 100 fly D-final in favor of the 100 free, where she’ll contest the D-final.

The only other event to see any scratches was the 100 free, where three men and three women scratched.

In the men’s event both Matias Koski and Sam Perry scratched the C-final, choosing to focus on their other events. Koski will swim the 400 free C-final, while Perry qualified in the 100 fly B-final. Matt Grevers also scratched out of the 100 free D-final despite having no other events today.

Hellen Moffitt scratched the women’s 100 free C-final as she’ll turn her focus to the 100 fly A-final, where she’s seeded 2nd behind Kelsi WorrellMaggie MacNeil has also decided to completely focus on the 100 fly A-final, scratching the 100 free D-final. Leah Goldman has done the same, slated to compete in the B-final of the 100 fly.

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