New German Swimming Competitions will be Held Starting September 26

by Delaney Sprague 0

September 09th, 2020 Europe, News

Olympic training season has begun for German swimmers. They are currently in the process of planning their first competitions, after a month-long break from racing due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Five Olympic competitions are set to take place at the federal bases in Berlin and Heidelberg (September 26-27), Essen and Würzburg (November 28-29) and Magdeburg (December 18-20). There will also be a 5km race in Würzburg. 

The German Swimming Association (DSV) has put together hygiene approaches for these competitions in order to keep the athletes safe. The DSV has also recommended that starting abroad in the fall should be avoided if possible.

German National coach Hannes Vitense explains, “Given the current developments elsewhere, the risk of infection is too high for us. For reasons of health protection, we are therefore concentrating on a national strategy and organizing the races ourselves first without suffering any disadvantages compared to the international competition.” 

The German Swimming Championships in Berlin is also on the schedule. This meet will be held from October 29 – November 1. A Championship meet will also be held for younger German athletes, from December 14-19 in Dortmund. 

Hygiene concepts for this competition are still being discussed. So far, the plan contains the older age groups choosing their winners on the first three days of the competition, followed by the younger age groups. The best 16 are allowed to start on each route. All information is being released with stipulation. 


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