NCAA Releases Pre-Selection Psych Sheets For 2024 Men’s NCAA Championships


The pre-cut entry sheets for the 2024 NCAA Men’s Division I Swimming & Diving Championships have been released.

These sheets do not show who will be invited to the meet. Instead, they show us what events swimmers have chosen to swim as they are limited to a maximum of three individuals and four relays or two individuals and all five relays. Swimmers with a “B” cut were allowed to be entered into the list, although the men’s cutline typically falls around line 30. It was in the middle of line 30 last year, in line 31 in 2022, 33 in 2021, and 29 in 2020. Full invite procedures can be seen below.

Official cut-lines are usually released on Wednesday afternoon.

Here are some of the event choices. SwimSwam will go in depth later today on some.


  • 200 medley relay – Arizona State, 1:20.55
  • 800 free relay – Arizona State, 6:06.14
  • 500 free – Leon Marchand, Arizona State 4:06.18
  • 200 IM – Hubert KosArizona State 1:38.77
  • 50 free – Jordan Crooks, Tennessee 17.99
  • 200 free relay – Florida, 1:14.36
  • 400 IM – Leon MarchandArizona State 3:34.66
  • 100 fly – Josh LiendoFlorida 43.89
  • 200 free – Macguire McDuff, Florida 1:30.64
  • 100 breast – Liam Bell, California/ Noah Nichols, Virginia 50.89
  • 100 back – Hubert Kos, Arizona State 43.75
  • 400 medley relay – Arizona State, 2:58.49
  • 1650 free – Zalan Sarkany, Arizona State 14:23.01
  • 200 back – Hubert Kos, Arizona State 1:35.69
  • 100 free – Chris Guiliano, Notre Dame 40.62
  • 200 breast –Leon MarchandArizona State 1:48.60
  • 200 fly – Ilya Kharun, Arizona State 1:37.92
  • 400 free relay – Arizona State 2:44.23

Here’s a step-by-step process for how the NCAA selects the 270 men and 322 women for each year’s invite list:

1. 35 of the men’s spots and 41 of the women’s spots are set aside for divers, who qualify for the meet at zone competitions closer the NCAA Championships. That leaves 235 men’s spots and 281 for the women.

2. Every “A” cut put up this season is added.

3. The next fastest swimmers in each event are added until every event has the same number of entries. For example, if the 50 free were to have the most “A” cuts of any event with 10, then every other event would get swimmers with the top 10 fastest times in.

4. Finally, one entry is added to each event to keep the entries per event even. This process is repeated until all of the swimming spots (235 for men, 281 for women) are filled. Keep in mind that as more rows are added, swimmers will start to double and triple up. The #1 seed in the 200 back might be the #15 seed in the 100 back – as the 15th row of swimmers is added to each event, she’ll be added to the 100 back list, but won’t take up another one of the 281 invite spots, as she already has her official invite.

5. The final row of swimmers added won’t come out exactly even. In the final row, the swimmers with entry times closest to the NCAA “A” cut will get added first, and when the 235th man or 281st woman is added, the process stops. So the 100 fly could have 38 women and the 200 fly 39 women – that would mean the 39th 200 flyer was closer to the NCAA “A” than the 39th 100 flyer and therefore won the ‘tie-breaker’ for the final spot.

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Cleo Lemon
2 months ago

Me when I show up to the best team player competition and my opponent is Brendan Burns:

comment image

2 months ago

Olympic sports will never get close to NIL levels that football and men’s basketball do. But some swim programs do support NIL.

Texas offers the Texas One Fund. You can donate to men’s or women’s swimming at the link below.

We have our swimmers doing some nice work in the community and developing ties with businesses that will serve them well in their lives after swimming.

2 months ago

Crazy how just in 2 years under new coaching, Notre Dame already has a relay seeded 3rd heading into NCAAs. If you would’ve told me that 5 yrs ago I would’ve thought you were crazy

Reply to  WashedSwimmer
2 months ago

They had a great conference meet. I was half expecting that after Albdelrammy fifth yeared there.

Reply to  WashedSwimmer
2 months ago

I love it!! Go Irish!!

2 months ago

Calling it now 500 free prediction for Marchand at NCAAs
I think he goes out under 1:35.5 for the first 200

Justin Pollard
Reply to  SWIM SAM
2 months ago

Can you bet on this somewhere? Vegas? FanDuel? Pool w/ your friends?

Reply to  Justin Pollard
2 months ago

I’ll look into it 😄
I haven’t found anyone to want to bet on swimming yet

Reply to  SWIM SAM
2 months ago

Only true swim geeks will appreciate my predictions 😌

Reply to  SWIM SAM
2 months ago

Imagine if we could’ve bet on Phelps’ Olympic swims? We’d be gold medal rich!

Reply to  SWIM SAM
2 months ago

Safe bet

Swim fan
2 months ago

Not that they’ll make the cut but interesting note is that Cal Poly (a mid-major) who had a “coaching change” this season has come back much stronger and has 2 swimmers with B cuts this year (100/200 back & 200 Brest).

2 months ago

Where do you think the cut line in the men’s mile will be?

tea rex
2 months ago
  • 16th seed is exactly 44.99 for fly and back! 1:39 won’t even guarantee a second swim in back.
  • Fun versatile swimmers:
  • Jensen 100 Fly, 100 Br, 100 Fr
  • Brooks 50 Fr, 100 Fly, 100 Br
  • Tiffany 2 IM, 100 Fly, 100 Fr
  • Connery 2 IM, 100 Fly, 100 Bk
  • Barr 2 IM, 100 Bk, 100 Fr
  • Bustos 2 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Br
  • C Mefford 200 Fr, Bk, Fly
  • Rex Maurer/Ponsler 500 Fr, 400 IM, 200 Bk
  • Miroslaw with 4:14 in 500 Free?
  • Some past All-American misses: Enyeart, Newmark, Forst, Ostrowski, Tyler Watson, Gaziev
  • Some highly-touted freshman couldn’t get into top-30 (No need to name names).
Reply to  tea rex
2 months ago

Which freshman you are referring to? From swimswam re-ranks of class of 2023, the top 10 will all be at NCAAs (except Shackell: redshirt), 3 from 11-20, 3 from HM, a few from BOTR. I would say that it is a good performance for the first-years.

tea rex
Reply to  Adrian
2 months ago

Actually taking a second look… I agree a lot of freshman qualified. Texas had 2 breaststrokers (probably) on the wrong side of the cut, NC State and Stanford probably hoped some of their aces would have done more, but on the whole a lot of good freshman in.

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  tea rex
2 months ago

I imagine Scholtz will get to go to swim relays, the other one is likely out.

Reply to  PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
2 months ago

Not necessarily. Jake Foster is the br man right now

Reply to  tea rex
2 months ago

Enyeart…what could’ve been 💔

former swimmer
Reply to  tea rex
2 months ago

I was really surprised to see Tiffany entered in 2IM, 100 fly, 100 Fr. I expected him to do the double of 100 Fly/back on day 2.

Michael Andrew Wilson
2 months ago

Texas will not be in the final heat of the 800 free relay. They’ll still put up something fantastic, and this is mostly a function of not having had Luke Hobson at Big 12s. But it’s still shocking to see the dominant force in the event relegated to the “B” (timed) final.

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