NCAA Recruiting: How Do Get An Official Visit Offer

Contributor Rick Paine is an expert on the college recruiting process. He is also the Director of Swimming at American College Connection (ACC). AAC is a Swimswam Partner. 

A consistent question we get asked about recruiting is, “how do you get an official visit?”

One of the high school juniors we work with emailed this question to me.

I’ve had two calls with _____ and I am going to have a second call with _______. Do I bring up official visits or is that something I wait for them to bring up? I did speak to ______’s coach and she would like me to visit, am I supposed to ask if it is official or non official?

Here are our recruiting tips:

When you are on your second or third call, hopefully the coach will ask you to visit. If they don’t make sure you get the conversation directed toward your goals and potential.

After you sell them on your goals and they still don’t talk about a visit you can always suggest to them that you are starting to narrow down your list of schools and official visits. You may have to come right out and ask the coach if an official visit is possible.

Remember, there are no official visits to D-III schools, D-II official visits are unlimited and D-I visits are limited to 5 schools. Always ask what an official visit might cost. Many schools will ask you to pay your way to the school and take care of you while you are there.

Keep me posted.


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1 month ago

One way to get offered a paid trip is to swim real fast and act humble, polite and say you like the school.

1 month ago

Most swimmers already know the coaches, and a few of the swimmers on the teams from club swimming – its not hard – just ask. Many coaches will have already asked about your interest if you swim in the region of the school (and would be a suitable addition to the team); most HS/Club coaches know the college coaches and are usually glad to let a college coach know of a swimmers interest if the believe the swimmer would be a fit.

College coach
1 month ago

There are official visits for Division III… there are specific bylaws about official and unofficial visits.

The Splashfather Chronicles
Reply to  College coach
1 month ago

An edit of the article title might be in order…..