NCAA ‘A’ Cuts Update: 173 Cuts Achieved Through Mid-Season Invites

by Spencer Penland 20

December 13th, 2017 ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, College, News, Pac-12, SEC

Now that the invites are over, it’s time for an update on NCAA ‘A’ cuts. To date, there have been 173 ‘A’ cuts achieved, 79 in individual events (51 women’s/28 men’s), and a whopping 93 relays (50 women’s/44 men’s).

30 women from 16 teams have punched their tickets to the NCAAs in individual events so far, 13 of them have done so in multiple events. Katie Ledecky and Mallory Comerford are leading the way with 4 individual cuts apiece, followed by Ella Eastin, Siobhan Haughey, Louise Hansson, and Kathleen Baker with 3 each, then Abbey Weitzeil, Joanna Evans, Asia Seidt, Erika Brown, Bethany GalatCaroline Baldwin and Sydney Pickrem with 2 apiece.

23 men from 13 teams have punched their tickets to the NCAAs, with 5 of them grabbing 2 ‘A’ cuts so far. Those 5 are Blake Pieroni, Caeleb Dressel, Joseph Schooling, Grant Shoults, and Hugo Gonzalez. There has been an ‘A’ cut achieved so far in every single men’s and women’s event, except for both men’s breaststroke events. There have been men under the breaststroke cuts this season, but they’ve all been either post-grads or Reece Whitley.

Here is the current list of ‘A’ cuts by race:



In total, 22 women’s teams and 17 men’s teams have earned NCAA bids so far this season, with 13 of those teams having at least 1 relay cut but no individuals yet. There is also 1 team, the Denver women’s team, that has an individual ‘A’ cut but no relay ‘A’ cuts. That’s important because once a team has 1 relay and 1 individual ‘A’ cut, the team automatically qualifies the rest of their relays with ‘B’ cuts. The full list of cuts by team can be found below, they are listed in order based first by number of relay cuts, then individuals.

Cal 7 5 Texas 7 5
Louisville 4 5 Cal 4 5
Stanford 11 4 NC State 2 5
Texas A&M 6 4 Florida 2 4
USC 5 4 Alabama 1 4
Michigan 4 4 Indiana 2 2
Georgia 1 4 Stanford 2 2
Tennessee 2 3 Tennessee 1 2
Texas 2 2 Florida State 0 2
UNC 2 2 Arizona State 0 2
Virginia 1 2 Texas A&M 0 2
Indiana 0 2 Mizzou 0 2
Mizzou 2 1 Auburn 2 1
Kentucky 2 1 USC 2 1
Wisconsin 1 1 Michigan 1 1
Arizona 0 1 Arizona 1 1
Auburn 0 1 Grand Canyon 1 1
Alabama 0 1 Utah 0 1
Florida State 0 1 Denver  0  1
Ohio State 0 1
NC State 0 1
Denver 1 0

This is an interesting alternative way to compare the teams at any given point in the season. Relay cuts were used as the primary criteria because there is a limit of 5, so each team will have a number 0-5, and it splits the teams into a tier system of sorts (the teams with all 5 relay cuts, the teams that still have 1 more to get, etc.).

Remember when looking at the breakdown of cuts by team, context is very important when you’re using this as a way to compare the teams. For example, the Stanford women’s team noticeably only has 4 relay cuts, that’s because they have yet to swim the 800 free relay this season. Caeleb Dressel only swam the 200 IM and 50 free at his mid-season invite, where he would have almost certainly also gotten cuts in the 100 free and 100 fly had he swam them too. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when looking at this is the current active injuries/absences, and there’s a decent amount of them this season.

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3 years ago

“12 of them have done so in multiple events”

you missed caroline baldwin – 50 fr/100 fr

3 years ago

Denver men also have an A relay cut in the 200free relay

Go Bearcats
3 years ago

When people were worried about Texas this season…

Swimbo Fisher
3 years ago

But we beat Texas in a dual meet so we will beat them at NCAAs. Those A cuts don’t mean anything! Neither do all the B cuts they will be able to swim now.

Distance Swimmer
Reply to  Swimbo Fisher
3 years ago

Your name is ELITE

3 years ago

Just curious how this compares to past years at this point of the season.

3 years ago

If Texas doesn’t win NCAAs, I am pretty sure they will finish top 3 at their conference meet.

science geek
Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago


3 years ago

NC State has two individual cuts: Andreas in 200 fly and Anton in the 1650

3 years ago

A Relay cuts aren’t the same as individuals IMO.