NCAA Cancels Remaining Winter and Spring Champs; DII Swim & Dive Ends Midway

In a move that was looking inevitable as word of major conference basketball tournament cancellations flowed in throughout the week, the NCAA has canceled all remaining championship events for the school year, it announced Thursday.

‘The decision is based on the evolving COVID-19 public health threat, our ability to ensure the events do not contribute to spread of the pandemic, and the impracticality of hosting such events at any time during this academic year given ongoing decision by other entities.”

The 2020 Division I NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships were scheduled to begin March 18 for women and March 25 for men; Division II was set to start on the 18th as well. Division II’s event began Wednesday, March 11, and ended with the announcement on Thursday.

The scoreboard at DII NCAAs read “The Championships have been canceled. Please visit for more information.” Photo credit: Ryan Kauth

Wednesday, the NCAA announced that it would bar spectators – excluding athletes’ families – from championship events. The progression to canceling the events entirely mirrors the response of the National Basketball Association, which briefly just barred fans from attending games in-person before suspending the season after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert test positive for COVID-19 Wednesday night.

After the NBA’s unprecedented announcement, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League followed suit. While conference championship season in swimming concluded last week, major basketball tournaments were ongoing – but the Ivy League pulled the plug on its tournament and all spring athletics Wednesday, with conferences including the Pac-12, Big East and ACC doing the same Thursday.

It was generally the case that it was up to individual schools to decide whether they would allow athletes to travel for winter sports postseason events, but the ACC issued a blanket ban for its athletes earlier on Thursday.

The announcement will surely conjure debate as to how student-athletes’ eligibility will be affected, which remains to be seen.

Update: The CSCAA’s National Invitational Championship (NIC) meet has just confirmed that it will swim tonight’s finals session, then end the meet.

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wow. One dumb athlete ruins everything for seniors across all sports


Yeah dude, how dare you getting sick? You selfish &$!?#@× !!


This was inevitable regardless of Gobert


Try to show a little compassion for the thousands effected by this virus. Many people have it worse


Try and show some compassion for the senior that swam their last collegiate meet that wasn’t in front of family and friends. Or the softball and baseball seniors that played their last game Tuesday night or the senior wrestler that worked 4 years to make it to NCAA to have it ripped away 24 hours after being told he’ll just wrestle in front of mom and dad.

NCAA is about sports. This is a sports article.


Thank you!!!! My senior son finally made it!! 😭😭

Ol' Longhorn

Well, the affected athletes are lucky they weren’t a college student during WWII or Vietnam and had their butt drafted and shipped to a war zone to likely get mamed or die. Didn’t hear them crying about missing a swim meet, ffs. Or say how about the athletes in Syria, to take just one recent example. “to have it ripped away.” This is the most white privileged crap I’ve ever heard.

Corn Pop

Or Mohammed A ‘ll who refused to go & got his sports accomplishments if not ripped off him then Socially Distanced from them.


Awww geez whataboutism at its’ finest. We’re not allowed to be sad for these hard-working, dedicated young students who have the pinnacle of all their years of practice disappear in one day? Some of them while at their big meet; really the most important one of many of their lives? Has nothing to do with white privledge. There are a lot more than rich white kids sad today. Give them a few days to realize some of their biggest dreams have just been dashed before bringing up 60 year old history. Maybe have a dash of compassion.

Paul P.

The NCAA should extend eligibility by a year to those who want it. Period!


As a former athlete I get it, and I’m sorry for all the athletes as well. It’s not fair to have your career end that way and it absolutely sucks. I hope they find a way to make it right. But, Saving lives is more important than any championship


Im sure he really wanted to contract the virus. When you see a virus please call me.


“Im sure he really wanted to contract the virus.”

Maybe not, but he mocked the concern by touching all the microphones in a press conference on Monday.


Mass graves will change your small mind.


Tell us that you’ve stopped driving in a car too.

Tea rex

Based on the demographic impact of this disease, even if every swimmer at NCAAs was infected, there would likely be no deaths. Initial death rates estimated from China for 20-year-olds are under 1/1,000. Many wouldn’t even know they contracted it.

On the other hand, their families and communities back home would not be so lucky. This is the price we pay for not investing in a public health system prepared to deal with large numbers of sick people.

Man of Steel

Just because they wouldn’t die doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t feel it. It’s much worse than the flu and causes some lung problems too.

Swim mom

Don’t forget about coaches and officials that are much older!


Dean must’ve known


So… cal-Texas dual meet?

Regan stan

It wouldn’t even be close

Bearly Breathing

As a Cal fan I’d love to see it, but I’ll bet next week’s paycheck it’s not going to happen. At a time when the rest of the sports world is shutting down despite this meaning billions in monetary losses, no sane AD or college president would incur the liability of hosting an indoor athletic event. If just one person attending gets sick down the line, it’s opening them up to any number of lawsuits.


but let’s see what Eddie comes up with for his guys! It is not as exciting as NCAA… but fast swim is fast swim! Wonder if Cal will do something for the guys and gals… at least Cal’s are outdoor pools.

Keeping eyes open for surprises at OT because now we have one less data point to see who may come up the rank.

Bearly Breathing

As long as it isnt done using the same stopwatch that used to time Joe Schooling in practice, yeah go for it.


Aaah the old shoot the pellet rifle at the touchpad with water soluble pellets trick before the swimmers hand hits the pad


We did a postal meet once in college when other team couldn’t make due to snow. Faxed results to each other bot something like that

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