National Champion Swimmer Tom Luchsinger Comes Out – Feature Video

by SwimSwam 49

January 20th, 2015 International, Lifestyle, News, Video

Tom Luchsinger, the UNC Tar Heels swimming star and 2013 National Champion in 200 butterfly, was not being true to himself. It was affecting his swimming and his life. In December 2014 the NBAC swimmer officially came out as a gay elite athlete in an essay published on Out Magazine. Read it here.

SwimSwam caught up with Luchsinger at the 2015 Arena Pro Swim Series and asked him to share his testimonial on-camera.

You can follow Tom Luchsinger on Twitter here. 

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Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

No one cares if he is gay. We only care if he can go under 1:55 in the 200M Butterfly. I’m concerned the Japanese are going to dominate the 200 Fly in Rio.

The big issue is Seto, Sekai, and Hagino. You’ve got 18 months to get to 1:53. Chop. Chop.

Reply to  Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

Chad le Close 200m Butterfly – 1:48.96 on 7 December 2014!

Reply to  MFR
5 years ago

He’s talking LC you dork.

Reply to  Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

Wrong! A lot of people care! What a shallow comment. This helps others that need guidance! Think before you respond.

5 years ago

Glad he finally got that milestone behind him with the help of his friends and family, still not an easy task for a pro athlete/public figure in 2015.

Now I hope this will help him focus better and get back to his 2013 form, since the USA needs him, with 3-4 guys hovering only in the 1:55 range in ’14. Seliskar has already hit 1:55.9 in January and his trajectory looks great so far; the others have plateaued a bit. I see that Luchsinger is not on the Pan American roster for the 2Fly, Ty Stewart has the 2nd spot. Did Luchsinger turn the spot down in favor of training?

Reply to  liquidassets
5 years ago

Addendum: I would like to revise what I said; those other swimmers have not necessarily plateaued yet, though the USAmerican times overall have plateaued a bit without Phelps. But it’s not just the USAmericans, the event is a little weaker internationally as well, as Shields’ 1:55.0 was actually 3rd and Clary’s 1:55.4 was 9th last year. So if Luchsinger can regain ‘`13 form, it would be another one among the 1:55 swimmers pushing each other to get better and challenge for podium spots at Worlds/Olympics.

5 years ago

Tom! Great interview. Very generous of you to share your experience, so thank you. A champion’s attitude in and out of the pool. Enjoy the process–you da man!