Morozov & Campbell Lead FINA World Cup Into Final Stop In Doha


  • Thursday, November 7th – Saturday, November 9th
  • Hamad Aquatic Center, Doha, Qatar
  • LCM
  • Entries

The final stop of the 2019 FINA World Cup Series gets underway in Qatar tomorrow, with the women’s point standings race running extremely tight right up until the finish.

Aussie Cate Campbell‘s lead over Hungarian Katinka Hosszu‘s grew from 6 points before the last stop in Kazan to now 24 points headed into Doha, so the crown is all but set upon the sprinter’s head at this point. But, there is still room for Hosszu to make a big-time move to clinch the series title.

However, the way C1 has been throwing down 24-point 50 free and 52-point 100 free times, the likelihood of the Iron Lady taking control is slim.

If C1 indeed pulls it off, then she will be the 2nd woman to deny Hosszu the overall World Cup Series title since 2012, as Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom topped the circuit both in 2017 and 2018.

In the men’s point standings race, the picture is a little clearer as to which man will ultimately wear the FINA World Cup crown. Russia’s Vlad Morozov holds a comfortable 87-point lead over the next-closest swimmer, Danas Rapsys of Lithuania. They both earned 33 points apiece in Kazan to keep the top 2 spots ahead of American Michael Andrew.

Without an International Swimming League (ISL) meet running concurrently to this Doha stop, we’re seeing a few more swimmers join the party for its last meet. Australians Alex Graham and Clyde Lewis have joined the mix, as has Hungary’s David Verraszto and Ukraine’s Mykhailo Romanchuk.

South African multi-Olympic medalist Chad Le Clos also appears on the entry lists with teammates Doug Erasmus and Ayrton Sweeney.

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$70,000 is the price of 1 sec. $70,000 was the coast of one race. $70,000 is actually in range of annual salary of middle class person in United States. That is amount of money Hosszu lost not being able to swim 200IM at 2:08.3. And she was 5 times faster this time not long time ago this season. And she traded this huge lump of money for low cost mvp prize. $5000 to be precise. Has she overestimated her “Iron” abilities? What was she thinking about? Is it that that children in Hungarian elementary schools are not being taught arithmetic any more to understand that 70 is 14(!!) times greater than 5. But she also managed to get diploma from… Read more »


Can I mute you

Old Man Chalmers

did hosszu do anything to you?


Oh, yes. Would you like to hear details? 😀
If you are an Aussie fan you can look at this situation under different angle. Before Kazan stop Cate Campble was even with Hosszu, in competition for cluster and overall prizes. That is a lot of money. And Campbell didn’t came to Kazan from the Mars. She competed at the same Budapest ISL meet as Hosszu. Now with $65.000 in stake she demonstrated more “ironness” , cleverness, smartness, wisdom than Hosszu. Why doesn’t it deserve to be noticed. Swimming competition happening not in pool only. Kudos Cate!.

Old Man Chalmers

because you seem to have misunderstood my comment, i’ll spell it out for you – what has hosszu done to you personally to justify your vendetta against her?

sincerely, an aussie, not a hungarian


Sincerely? Seriously? Well I trust you. Many points. But this one can be sensitive one for Hungarian people and no way I want hurt their patriotic feelings. Do you want me to continue?

Old Man Chalmers

please do continue, and I want to hear specifically about katinka hosszu, not cate campbell


Ok I will remember your question and will satisfy your curiosity at the appropriate moment if our friend PVDH doesn’t find the way to mute me 😀

Old Man Chalmers

“I don’t like katinka hosszu or her success, and have no argument to justify my logic.”


Thus is the nature of professional sport- a missed put can cost millions, a missed tennis shot millions etc etc…


It wasn’t a miss. Hosszu understood the importance of 200IM event as the only one where she could compete against Campbell’s 50FR. Therefore she sacrificed her other profitable events. But it was too late the damage was already done a week before in Budapest during her desperate attempt to win local meet (not even overall) mvp. It looks like Hosszu became a hostage of her own brand and must feed this “Iron Lady” image at any cost. And the cost happened to be very high this time. Cate Campbell was much smarter. Not hurting her team’s interest in ISL competition she clearly understood how much important it was to save and be ready for high quality race in a week… Read more »


I am not sure what your point is. Your idea is a “That would have happened IF ..” , which is a statement that cannot be tested (luckily). You do certainly remember that C! scored higher than Hosszu in most or all of the six stops so far (I believe all, but have not checked). So why do you single out this Kazan event which was much the same as previous ones before the ISL races ?
Indeed, FINA WC prize money, even so, looks higher. IMHO the point with ISL is that ISL, if successful, may attract big sponsors with more money (compared to which the current money is “melochka” 🙂


The Kazan stop was different in that Hosszu had only 3 events and swam her key event very slow. That was #17 her result this season. Cate Campbell result was #4 among her races this season. Since no reports about Hosszu having health problem was published I can blame such a sharp decline in performance during one week on her tiredness. The main suspect is overloaded program at ISL meet one week prior World Cup stop in Kazan. #4 performance of Cate Campbell indicates that she understood the importance of being fresh at this race and made her priorities correspondingly. Of cause this analysis is my guess of what has happened. But that is what we are doing here –… Read more »


Her swim at Kazan (2:09.50) wasn’t much different to her swim at Budapest (2:09.56) and Jinan (2:09.41) which were both before ISL.


Well if it isn’t last ISL meet that caused her to show #17 result this season then what was that? She swam 16 races faster than in Kazan this season with the best time 2:07.02.
Is she simply out of form after peaking at world championships? But she was 2:08.15 in Singapore. It would be enough to beat Campbell.


Hosszu “understood” the significance of her score in 200 IM and dropped 200 back at all stops She swam it in Tokyo morning but not in the final. So Kazan was not strikingly different from her earlier menu. Look at the last stop before Kazan: Hosszu 200 IM in Berlin 2:10,38. I do not see sharp decline from Berlin to Kazan.


Off: yes Russian Meloch means small item/ change

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