Mike Mann Mondays: What is Summer League Swim Team?

In this segment, we ask Master’s Swimmer, World Record Holder, and humble SwimLabs Co-Founder, Mike Mann his insight on the sport and swimming news happening around the world!

This Week’s Question:

Summer swim team season is here! Athletes of all ages are ready to show the successes of their practice in friendly and competitive swimming meets. I thought we’d kick off the season with a Mike Mann Monday on the topic! Mike helps me understand the scope of the summer swim team by answering a series of questions on the subject.

Mike Mann, Master’s Swimmer, World Record Holder, and SwimLabs Co-Founder

First of all, what does ‘summer league’ even mean? How long is it and what does it entail? Some neighborhood associations have swimming pools and these neighborhood associations hire swim coaches to run a summer swim team where the season starts at the end of May and usually goes until mid-July. The teams participate in a league of other neighborhood pools culminating in a championship meet at the end of the season.

Can beginners join swim team, and if so, would it even be fun for newbies? It is open to all children and most coaches just require the swimmer to be able to swim a full length of the pool. Alas, many cannot make the full length. Coaches often have the true beginners (floaters) start practice on the steps of the pool and within a few weeks they usually can make the whole length.

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