Here are 5 Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Swim Faster!

Summer is officially here and that means public and neighborhood pools are now open across the country. As a swim school owner tasked with teaching the Life Skill of swimming to our students there are two things that make us feel good about the job we are doing: 1) Seeing a student’s smile and sense of accomplishment as they master a swim skill that they have been working hard at, and 2) Cheers from parents when they see their kiddo completing a skill or earning a ribbon.

These 2 things only happen when lessons are taught the right way, when a child gets positive support from their families and when a child gets water time outside of the swim lesson. Because swimming is a skill sport, we encourage practice, positive reinforcement, and lots of support from families.

Think about this…if your child swims with us once a week that is 1 half hour lesson a week. That would be like getting 1 30-minute reading or math lesson a week at school. Without the support from parents and additional practice away from lessons learning may take longer.

Every young swimmer develops at a different rate – some are able to immediately grasp a new skill while others require more time and patience. Some swimmers learn best through verbal instruction and some learn best through visual instruction. Through our many years of experience as “swim school customers” we’ve learned that seeing our own kiddos progress at a different rate than others can be tough. One thing we always tell our swim parents is, don’t get discouraged. As a parent, you are the single biggest factor to your child’s success. Here are 5 tips that you can implement today, that can help your child flourish in the water in a shorter amount of time.


1. Attend Class Regularly

Regular attendance is the foundation of progress. When your child attends his/her scheduled class consistently, both the coach and swimmer are more in tune with learning, and it produces quicker results!

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ABOUT SafeSplash

FRANCHISE OVERVIEW:  A swim school with over a decade of proven success with more than five million swimming lessons taught. SafeSplash’s focus is providing excellence and unexpected value to our franchisees and customers.

MISSION: Learning to swim is a defining experience in a child’s life, an experience that creates lasting memories similar to learning to ride a bike.  But unlike riding a bike, swimming is important to your child’s safety and development.  At SafeSplash, we understand…swimming is a life skill®.  Our mission is to provide the best possible experience, instructors, curriculum, and environment to the families that we have the honor of serving.  We offer a positive, fun experience to our students with the goal of helping them become a safe, happy, confident, lifelong swimmers.

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