Michael Andrew Slow Motion 50 Freestyle at the Speedo Championship Series in College Station

Swimming video courtesy of Team Andrew Indie Swimming.

Michael Andrew swam a 20.4 in prelims of the 50 yard freestyle at the Speedo Championships Series (sectionals) in College Station, Texas, and while that wasn’t one of his three National Age Group Records, we’ve got some video of Andrew swimming his 50 free in slow motion to see more about his technique, precisely. Andrew captured three more NAG Records at this meet, 200 yard butterfly, 400 IM, and 100 backstroke, but he’d love another in the 50 free.  Watch for the results of this race tonight.

Swimmers and swammers appreciated the last slow motion video of the swimming phenom in action, and we’re thankful Team Andrew forwarded this one.

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7 years ago

Interesting how low he keeps his elbows during the recovery. It’s not pretty but it’s effective. Agnel does something similar.

7 years ago

I do wish he would open up and swim “bigger.” There is A LOT of drag on his left arm – literally pushing water forward with every stroke as he recovers.

7 years ago

I beg to differ, DW. As far as I can see, his left arm does not touch the water until hand’s entry. He does seem to have a low elbow though. I wonder whether it is on purpose.

Reply to  Luigi
7 years ago

Actually I saw some drag created with his left forearm watching more closely the back-half. Well I do not consider myself an expert so I won’t comment. I am just curious: is this technique used on purpose?

7 years ago

DW is right – it’s not the front of his arms or the hands that are creating the drag, its the overly low elbow and the fact that as he recovers the upper part of the arm drags through the water and creates a lot of splash forward. Compare that to the guy in the lane closer to us watching the video and you should be able to see it

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