McEvoy: Who Knows Who Will Win the Men’s 100 Free


Still without its first gold, Australia is holding steady with 5 silvers through day 4 of the 2017 FINA World Championships. Tonight, on-fire Emma McKeon wrapped up another silver by tying American Katie Ledecky in the women’s 200m freestyle. The Aussie 4×100 mixed medley also earned runner-up status to the U.S. to collect more hardware.

Additionally, Emily Seebohm and Holly Barratt continue through to the women’s 50m backstroke final, as Cameron McEvoy and the ‘Chalmers-esque’ Jack Cartwright move into the last race of the 100m freestyle.

Below are post-race comments from the Aussie stars, courtesy of Swimming Australia.

  • McKeon’s 200m free silver medal: “I was pretty happy with how I went, even though I went quicker in the semi because it takes a lot of guts to take it out like I did. Especially in a final having the Olympic champion on one side and the world record holder on the other side of me, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing that. I obviously would have liked a faster time but you can’t really ask for anything more, I gave it my all and I’m happy.”
  • McKeon looking towards her 100m freestyle prelim tomorrow: “I’ve never done it internationally before so I’m pretty excited. Half the distance compared to tonight so it will be nice in there with Bronte. I just have to come top 16 in the morning and then I can go back and recover. Then I’ll have the 4×2 tomorrow night as well, so I’ll need to recover a fair bit.”
  • Mitch Larkin on leading off the mixed 4x100m medley: “Obviously now being an Olympic event, first time swimming it internationally, I wanted to give it a good shot and having not swum the best 100 I wanted to make sure I dotted all the ‘I’s’ and was there for the team tonight.
  • Cartwright on his first-ever sub-48 100m free:“I wasn’t looking for 47 but I was definitely looking to do a faster time than this morning. It felt awesome, walking out with your name being called, a huge crowd, it’s just awesome. I just have confidence in myself, confidence in my swimming and the training that I’ve done. I’m seeing what I can do with the chance I have. At a world championship meet, anything can happen in a final.”
  • McEvoy on the men’s 100m free final tomorrow: “Who knows what time will win it. It’s all about stepping up on the night and historically anyone can do that, we’ve seen over the past four years, there’s always at least someone that is unexpected that is in that top three. That’s the quickest a semi-final has been ever, at any international competition, so to have five guys sneak under 48, usually you’re lucky to get that in a final…it’s exciting. I think it’s going to be a very fast international final.”

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Dressel knows…


Did you see his face after the semis it was the face of someone who has something BIG in store.


you could see it in the race too. He opened to 22.55 and slowed down until Cam and Adrian pulled up to him and then just charged up in the last 10m to easily blow them away on the finish…. like he was toying with them


Well it’s not much of a secret after that relay swim is it.


Hey guys, if you want replays of the races in the finals playable anywhere, go onto the ‘Nuoto Live’ facebook page. It’s Italian commentary but at least you can watch 🙂


true , they have put the finals on dailymotion


Anyone can do that??? Don’t think so Camerooon. Me thinks MR DESSEL will put it in your face with humility and class. He is the next KING of the Ocean, Lake and Pond.

Drama King

Until King Kyle returns..


Rolls of the tongue beautifully King Kyle.


Except dressel is a quarter second faster than Kyle now


We’ll have an answer tonight as to whether Dressel can swim the ballistically fast time in the “clutch” situation or whether it will be decided in mid47s. Since the suits of 2008-9, we haven’t seen World Olympic finals with “amazing” times; maybe we’ll see a change tonight … maybe not.


The way Dressel was looking and grinning after that 47.6….I think something incredible is in store. 49.9 with a .42 RT confirms that 47.2 wasn’t a fluke


For now!!!!


Tokyo will come down to Kyle and Dressel in sure


Plenty can happen between then and now. They certainly look to be at the front of the pack of the “next generation” but things can happen in their lives that can sidetrack their swimming (ie Chalmers health). What level with Chalmers come back at ?? Is Cartwright a potential “gatecrasher” … what will HIS trajectory be over the next couple of years ?


I’d say Ausie sprint free looks to have a more promising future than it has had in a While. McCevoy is having a good meet not 47.04 good but better than Rio Chalmers will hopefully be back at it pretty soon as Cartwright seems to able to preform under pressure like Chalmers I guess the Olympics are 3 years off a lot can change and that meet has a far different atmosphere than even worlds so only time will tell


Also a three way battle to make the team maybe 4 ( I still have a little hope in magnussen) will help the Ausie men practice dealing with high pressure before the olympics

Drama King

And Cartwright ,, who knows ?
May be that Apple boy and underwater kid Hoffer could be main actors.


Please remind me who is the Olympic champion? Last time I checked it was Chalmers. Plus there is the fact that a meet like this Worlds that happens every 2 years has much less weight than the Olympics, meaning it’s easier to swim fast here. (FYI Dressel was getting slower from prelims to finals in Rio). World champions are soon forgotten, Olympic champions will always be remembered.


Excuses, excuses

Drama King

Then the Professor Cam is 0.22 faster than the King of Yards… Of course in a 49m pool in Aussie summer.

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