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Matt Grevers dropped a 53.31 in the 100m backstroke on the final night of the Pro Swim Series in Austin.  After getting edged off the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team, Grevers is glad he’s still got his racing legs and the ability to predict his times.  Grevers rested three days for the ATX PSS and he was clipped a little for an upcoming TYR photo shoot.

Grevers, swimming’s giant,  made it clear he will make a hard run at the 2017 World Championships this summer.  If you know your Grevers’ history, you remember his failure to make the 2011 World Championship Team. Grevers came charging back in 2012 at the Olympics, and I think we’ll see the same–hard charging–athlete this June at the US Nationals/World Championship selection meet in Indianapolis.

Prediction: At the US Nationals this summer, I think Grevers be 52.4 or faster, and I think that’ll be enough to make the 2017 US Worlds Team. What do you think?  

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Michael Maloney
6 years ago

Another has been…trying to look like he cares again…he should of cared enough to do the work after 2012 til now….

Reply to  Michael Maloney
6 years ago

stop trolling will ya , He has probably achieved more than u with more humor and humbleness . Match that dude .

6 years ago

Rooting for Grevers – such a class backstroker !!!!

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Pebley takes more and more speed. A sub 52.50 should be necessary to make the US team.

6 years ago

Murphy is the clear favorite. Grevers looks goodnight for the second spot. Pebley and Taylor with outside shots

6 years ago

Murphy – 52.2
Grevers – 52.5
Pebley – 52.6 (Pebley makes 200 back again)

Murphy – 51.9 (Gold)
Grevers – 52.5 (Hopefully gets him on the podium, but 100 back is a stacked event right now)

… I think Murphy goes just a bit slower this year, continues to improve after. But then again he’s Ryan Murphy so he’ll probably blow away my predictions.
Grevers I’m not so sure about, I think he’ll make the team but I don’t know about the time. Looking at that 53.3 I’d predict like a 52.2 for the summer, which I would absolutely love.

6 years ago

With David Plummer retiring, Matt is still in the top 2. Unless Jacob Pebley wants to take the #2 spot.

Joel Lin
6 years ago

Agree, I think he’s going to put together a great 100 back & 100 free this summer.

Reply to  Joel Lin
6 years ago

The Us 400 free relay would be awesome and probably the best team possible without Phelps .

Joel Lin
6 years ago

I think Jack Conger will really put it all together this summer in the 100 fly & 100 free.

I think with a stronger focus in the 100 free, Grevers could be 47.7-47.8 flat start. Adrian & Ervin are so consistent. Held & Dressel are still improving. And there are other players as well.

It could be a surprisingly fast relay this summer.

Reply to  Joel Lin
6 years ago

thats exactly what i feel ……excited 6 months in advance

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