Maddison Elliott Not on Classification List for Indy Para World Series

Despite appearing on the Aussie roster, Paralympic gold medalist Maddison Elliott is missing from the classification schedules for the 2017 Para Swimming World Series in Indianapolis, Indiana June 9th-11th.

Para Swimming World Series Classification Schedule Part 1

Para Swimming World Series Classification Schedule Part 2

Elliott was named Australia’s Female Paralympic Athlete of the Year in 2016, after winning Paralympic gold medals in Rio in the 4 x 100 free relay, the 100 free, and the 50 free and silver medals in the 100 back and 4 x 100 medley relay.

The other Aussie swimmers who still need classification, Paige Leonhardt, Emily Beecroft, Jasmine Greenwood, Tiffany Thomas Kane, and Lakeisha Patterson, all appear on the schedules. According to the schedule, all the Aussie swimmers are being classified by the same panel.

You can see the full Australian para roster below:

You can read more about the 2017 Para Swimming World Series here. The Indianapolis stop is the penultimate meet, and the final stop will be July 6th-9th in Berlin, Germany.

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3 years ago

it looks like the B panel has a 9am spot saved for her. I expect her to be there right after her 8am ice bath.

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

TAA – you were right! Updated classification schedule is posted and Elliott is the first one the B panel will see at 9:00 AM.

Reply to  Curious
3 years ago

This is very, very wrong. Firstly, why is she treated differently from everyone else? She has no one to blame but herself and her family for the predicament she has found her self in. No one likes a cheater, she cheated. Secondly, unlike Lakeisha Patterson and Paige Leonhardt who definitely do not present with CP (and therefor also cheating), Elliott clearly has a form of Cerebral Palsy which affects her physically, albeit mildly. The Aussies depart on a long haul flight to Indianapolis (with a 14 hr time difference) on 4th June & she’s classified first thing the day after they arrive? She would definitely need a couple of days to recover, heck someone without a Neuro disability would need… Read more »

3 years ago

Elliott will put on the show of her life! I literally cannot wait!! I do wonder if the Aussie staff, who must know by now that they are under immense scrutiny, will hang her out to dry to save themselves. The classifiers are going to have to look really, really hard to find Paige Leonhardts Cerebral Palsy and, Lakeisha Patterson being cured of Parkinsons Disease? Well Just Wow!! That should be world wide headline news.

3 years ago

Trying to slide her in under the radar.
Honestly, did they really think no one would notice?
For goodness sake!!

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