Swimming Australia Will Send 14 Athletes To Para Swimming World Series

Swimming Australia will send a group of 14 athletes to compete at the Para Swimming World Series in Indianapolis next month, led by nine World Championship representatives.

Paralympic gold medallists Ellie Cole, Tiffany Thomas Kane, Maddison Elliott, Lakeisha Patterson andBlake Cochrane will lead the Aussie contingent at this meet and use this competition as a stepping stone to the Para World Swimming Championships in Mexico this October.

Fellow Dolphins Emily Beecroft, Jasmine Greenwood, Braedan Jason and Paige Leonhardt will also get the chance to test their race skills and compete against a number of experienced swimmers in their respective classifications.

Dolphins veteran 25-year-old Cole said this meet would enable her to get quality race practise ahead of the Para World Championships in October.

“The World Championships are quite late in the year so it’s good be able to get another chance to race, try to maintain some consistency with our performances and make sure we’re on track to peak in October,” Cole said.

“I think no matter how old you are or how experienced you are, every race is an opportunity to learn so I love heading over to meets like the Para World Series and racing different people that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to race and I’m really looking forward to Indianapolis.”

While for swimmers like Logan Powell, Guy Harrison-Murray and Jacob Templeton, who will not swim in Mexico, this meet is a chance to gain consistency in racing and confidence at international meets.

Swimming Australia Paralympic High Performance Manager Adam Pine said the meet will also offer a development and classification opportunity for a number of Para swimmers and was a great stepping-stone in their long-term plans.

“This year is all about training and preparation for World Championships with a focus on camps and development and this competition will provide just that, plus it will tie in necessary classification opportunities for several of our swimmers,” Pine said.

“The classification component of this tour has been supported by the Commonwealth Games Association and New South Wales Institute of Sport so athletes can undergo classification to enable them to be eligible for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games team qualification.

“We are in a strong position as we enter the next four-year cycle and my hope is that we will only get stronger, especially with the activation of our mentor coach, Jan Cameron, who will visit home coaches and help to up skill them.

“This Indianapolis meet is a bonus, it’s a chance to race different rivals and practise skills in a different environment ahead of the Para World Championships in October.

“Mexico will be about performing the best we can and building a strong aerobic base in preparation for a busy three years ahead.

“Our focus is on Tokyo 2020; in 2018 there are plenty of racing opportunities with Para Pan Pacs and the Commonwealth Games and in 2019 we are looking to host one of our own Para World Series meets in April.

“This is a long-term plan and all of the events we attend will hopefully culminate in peak performance at the pinnacle of our sport, the Paralympic Games.

The swimmers will depart Australia on June 4 and the event will run from June 9 to 11 at the Indiana University Natatorium.

Swimming news courtesy of Swimming Australia.

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3 years ago

Indianapolis will be very interesting indeed. Of these 14 swimmers, the following require classification – Maddison Elliott, Lakeisha Patterson, Tiffany Thomas-Kane, Jasmine Greenwood, Jack Ireland, Emily Beecroft and Paige Leonhardt. Ms Elliott and Ms Patterson both have past form when it comes to classification so if they misrepresent for a third time surely the IPC will take severe action against them and their staff? Both Patterson and Leonhardt (also her 3rd International classification) conveniently developed Cerebral Palsy as teenagers. Of course this is stuff and nonsense. Who then in Australia is providing these swimmers with falsified medical documentation? Why do the IPC refuse to engage a Neurologist? Lakeisha Pattersons APC bio has been changed from Early Onset Parkinsons Disease, Cerebral… Read more »

3 years ago

Interesting to see Elliott will be there and yet her name is not on the list for classification.
Wonder what underhanded manoeuvre Mr Pine and his cronies are pulling this time?

Reply to  Fred
3 years ago

maddison Elliott is being classified in Indianapolis and the Aussies are trying hard to keep it out the media and hush hush from swimming..
they are worried she will be put up to S9 and have protest paperwork already to challenge it but if she stays S9 then some say she has no QT for worlds
aussie cheating at it lowest

Reply to  mark
3 years ago

So the usual degree of transparency, honesty and integrity we have come to expect from the Australians.

Reply to  Fred
3 years ago

To say they are truly worried about being found out is an understatement!!!!
Let’s put it this way I have evidence of their cheating from one of their own people which is now in the hands of the IPC
If the IPC don’t act then I will give it to the press in Australia and let the shi! Hit the fan
Some people will look stupid lol

Reply to  mark
3 years ago

Its most likely just a paperwork issue keeping her from being added to the schedule. I expect her to be on the next update. I think if the Aussies were being sneaky they would have taken everyone to the April meet in Brazil to be classed.
What I suspect is that they will come into the meet extremely tired from training and traveling and the times put up by Maddison will not be anything close to competitive in the S9 category and hence their readiness to protest which I don’t think there is anything wrong or underhanded with being ready to file a protest They are just doing their job by anticipating an unfavorable outcome.

I do note the… Read more »

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

And the fact that they have told their team not to mention ME classification and are worried she will be S9.
Coaches doing their best to avoid the media
Smells wrong

3 years ago

Love to be a fly on the wall to see how Patterson presents this time.
The toe walk as per World Champs in Glasgow? The heel strike as in Australian Champs 2015? Or lifting her hip and foot drop as per the Rio performance?
She has lost the diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease- a miracle, she is cured!! Now just claiming CP hemiplegia. That in itself is a huge change of condition and with the loss of the Parkinsons diagnosis how can she possibly stay an 8- she “had” Parkinsons when she was given the S8 classification.
And where on earth is she getting medical documentation to say she has CP hemiplegia? Peter van de Vliet, you look… Read more »