All of the Links You Need to Follow the 2013 FINA World Junior Championships

The 2013 FINA World Junior Championships begin on Monday in Dubai, UAE, and a slew of the world’s best swimmers will be in attendance for the 6-day meet.

FINA has touted this meet as the most participated meet in the four-version history of the meet with 900 athletes from 95 federations. This is not a flippant statistic, given the open qualification standards for the meet.

Our full coverage, as always, can be seen here. Bookmark it: we will have contributor Colin Blair on deck getting videos, pictures, and breaking

Qualifying Standards

GIRLS: 14 – 17 years on 31 December 2013 (born 1999, 1998, 1997 and 1996)
BOYS:  15 – 18 years on 31 December 2013 (born 1998, 1997, 1996 and 1995)

All FINA member federations can send up to two athletes per event without restriction to time.

Start Lists

FINA has updated the psych sheets as of Saturday afternoon, though there’s still some errors. The latest edition of the start lists can be seen here.

Past Results

Results from past editions of the meet can be found below:

Live Results

Complete and live results for the meet can be seen here.

Live Streaming

UPDATED: Live streaming, official link, high quality, no ads, can be seen here.


Tickets can only be bought at the door, but no fear: they’re inexpensive and unlikely to sell out. See more details here.


Order of Events

Day 1 – August 26, 2013 Day 2 – August 27, 2013 Day 3 – August 28, 2013
Heats – 9:00
Heats – 9:00 Heats – 9:00
400m Freestyle M
50m Breaststroke W
100m Backstroke M
400m Ind. Medley W
100m Breaststroke M
100m Backstroke W
4x100m Freestyle M
4x200m Freestyle W
200m Ind. Medley M
100m Freestyle W
100m Butterfly M
200m Butterfly W
200m Freestyle M
4x100m Medley Mixed
800m Freestyle W – slow heats
50m Butterfly W
50m Backstroke M
100m Breaststroke W
50m Freestyle M
200m Backstroke W
4x100m Freestyle Mixed
800m Freestyle M – slow heats
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
400m Freestyle M – Final
50m Breaststroke W – Semi
100m Backstroke M – Semi
400m Ind. Medley W – Final
100m Breaststroke M – Semi
100m Backstroke W – Semi
4x100m Freestyle M – Final
4x200m Freestyle W – Final
100m Backstroke M – Final
200m Butterfly W – Final
200m Freestyle M – Final
50m Breaststroke W – Final
100m Butterfly M – Semi
100m Freestyle W – Semi
100m Breaststroke M – Final
100m Backstroke W – Final
200m Ind. Medley M – Final
800m Freestyle W – fastest heat
4x100m Medley Mixed – Final
50m Butterfly W – Semi
50m Freestyle M – Semi
200m Backstroke W – Final
100m Butterfly M – Final
100m Breaststroke W – Semi
50m Backstroke M – Semi
100m Freestyle W – Final
800m Freestyle M – fastest heat
4x100m Freestyle Mixed – Final
Day 4 – August 29, 2013 Day 5 – August 30, 2013 Day 6 – August 31, 2013
Heats – 9:00 Heats – 9:00 Heats – 9:00
50m Backstroke W
50m Butterfly M
400m Freestyle W
200m Breaststroke M
200m Ind. Medley W
4x200m Freestyle M
100m Freestyle M
100m Butterfly W
400m Ind. Medley M
50m Freestyle W
50m Breaststroke M
4x100m Freestyle W
1500m Freestyle W – slow heats
200m Backstroke M
200m Breaststroke W
200m Butterfly M
200m Freestyle W
4x100m Medley M
4x100m Medley W
1500m Freestyle M – slow heats
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
50m Backstroke W – Semi
200m Breaststroke M – Final
50m Butterfly W – Final
50m Backstroke M – Final
100m Breaststroke W – Final
50m Butterfly M – Semi
400m Freestyle W – Final
50m Freestyle M – Final
200m Ind. Medley W – Final
4x200m Freestyle M – Final
1500m Freestyle W – fastest heat
100m Freestyle M – Semi
100m Butterfly W – Semi
50m Butterfly M – Final
50m Freestyle W – Semi
50m Breaststroke M – Semi
50m Backstroke W – Final
400m Ind. Medley M – Final
4x100m Freestyle W – Final
100m Freestyle M – Final
200m Breaststroke W – Final
200m Backstroke M – Final
100m Butterfly W – Final
1500m Freestyle M – fastest heat
50m Freestyle W – Final
200m Butterfly M – Final
50m Breaststroke M – Final
200m Freestyle W – Final
4x100m Medley M – Final
4x100m Medley W – Final

Time Zones

As always, below we’ve laid out exactly what time at which you can watch prelims and finals around the world:

San Francisco – 10PM/7AM
Houston/Chicago – Midnight/9AM
New York – 1AM/10AM
London – 6AM/3PM
Lithuania/Finland – 8AM/5PM
Moscow – 9AM/6PM
Beijing/Perth – 1PM/10PM
Tokyo – 2PM/11PM
Sydney – 3PM/Midnight

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10 years ago

have pleasant day go all swimmers have a good body condations for final..

10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a video of day 4 heats?

10 years ago

Go Brasil !!!

10 years ago

It is frustrating that the live stream does not show swimming when the meet starts, and even today, day 4, we still cannot watch it. It is especially heartbreaking for parents who have their kids there and not able to watch them. Really not sure what the issue it but extremely frustrating.

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

Thanks!! It works beautifully !!

10 years ago

In the Time Zone section, it’s funny swimswam does not include the start times in the Mountain Time Zone. We are used to being ignored, but in this case USA Swimming is based in Colorado, so there may be a few people in the Mountain Time Zone who are watching.

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

That’s true, Braden. Mostly because we get lots of practice. 🙂

Question: Everywhere we look the prelims are listed as starting at 9 am Dubai time. I’m posting this at 9:15 Dubai time and the streaming link is not showing swimming. Two nights ago I noticed the streaming coverage of the prelims started at 10 am Dubai time. What am I missing?

Our niece, Bethany Leap, doesn’t swim until Day 6, so we have some time to figure this out, although we’ve been watching other events as well.

(We took Bethany to the Olympic Training Center in Colo. Springs a four years ago. Maybe for her next visit she’ll be in the pool.)

Thanks for all the info on your… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

I looked at the results page and it shows the first heat was scheduled to start at 9:58 am Dubai time and several heats have finished. It’s now 10:15 Dubai time and the streaming site is not showing swimming. The heats were on Dubai Sports 1 the first two days. The streaming site says it’s showing Dubai Sports 3. (I checked Dubai Sports 1 and it’s showing the same feed as Dubai Sports 3.) Do you know if the prelims are no longer going to be streamed? Lots of parents must be heartbroken right now.

Coach CJ
10 years ago

The Dubai link above works for the meet!

10 years ago

From now on I think Junior worlds will become more important meets. For example, Australia only sent very few swimmers in the past junior worlds, but this time they are sending full team, ditto with other swimming power nations such as USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Reply to  aswimfan
10 years ago

Shame Denmark aren’t sending any of our junior swimmers. We probably haven’t got that many potential medalists but it would be great experience for them. I think just about everyone in Danish swimming is on holiday apart from our competitive lifesavers who’ve been doing well at the European championships.

10 years ago

Wow go mack horton, only day 1 heats but i can’t wait to see the 1500m

Reply to  triguy
10 years ago

Also Tommy Sucipto (Australia) advanced to 100breast semis, and judging by his name, he is certainly from Indonesia (or his parents)

Reply to  triguy
10 years ago

Shayna Jack, still 14 yo, split 2:00.12 in the 4x2free prelims

This bodes well for her individual swims, and she has big chance in the 50 free.

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