Yoga for Swimmers – Using Yoga to Increase Shoulder Mobility

This swimming-specific yoga shoulder mobility sequence is an incredible tool to open up through the shoulders in several different ways.


Start 2019 Off With SwimSwam Magazine – 2018 Year In Review

Start 2019 off with SwimSwam Magazine to inspire your swimmer, swammer, swim-fan or coach.

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8 Reasons Why Swimming Makes You a Better Parent

As supportive swim parents, we rearrange calendars and vacations to accommodate the swim schedule. What do we get in return? Here are eight reasons why swimming makes you a better parent.


10 Ways to Be the Worst Swim Parent Ever

I have experience at making mistakes as a swim parent. Fifteen years of it. I put together this list of things parents do that drive our kids and coaches crazy—with help from my daughter.


Ask Swim Mom: Can I help my swimmer get faster?

I’m afraid she’ll lose interest in swimming. Is there anything I can do to make her stay with swimming, or help her to get faster?


10 Ways You Know You Swam in the 90s

Here are 10 sure-fire signs that you got to swim during the best decade to ever come immediately after the 80’s — the 1990’s.


8 Ways You Know You’re a Swimmer

ONE Your face is peeling off. No matter how much lotion you put on, your face is still peeling off. Eventually…


7 Ways To Be A Better Swim PA Announcer

Nothing makes the grind of sitting through a four-hour prelim session even longer for a swim parent than listening to an annoying public address announcer – or one that cannot be clearly heard.


Reduce Inflammation, Increase Libido With Cold Water Swimming

Although cold water swimming isn’t for everyone, there are benefits if you’re able to take on the challenge.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim

Ahead of its February, 2019 release, Ed Accura’s documentary called “A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim” has its first trailer….


2018 Heart of a Champion Award: Maarten van der Weijden

Van der Weijden’s story has all of the makings of a perfect Heart of a Champion candidate: overcoming a huge challenge to become the best in the world, an incredible feat of endurance, and finally an enormous financial impact upon cancer research.

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Former Yale Swimmer Colin O’Brady Completes ‘Impossible First’

Colin O’Brady was a breaststroker at Yale, and after a series of life turns, has become one of the world’s greatest endurance adventurers.


Swimming Photos of 2018: Above the Surface

Earlier we shared some of our top underwater swimming photos from the past year.  During our annual end of the year…

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10 Things Non-Swimmers Will Never Understand About Swimming

For the casual observer, swimmers might seem like a bizarre lot. Here are 10 things that non-swimmers will never understand about swimming.


Holiday Traditions: 100 x 100 At The Trent Swim Club

100 x 100 became a holiday tradition at the Trent Swim Club in Peterborough, Ontario.


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