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With over 85 pages of features covering DI, DII and DIII data you need to know, the 2017 College Preview issue covers it all for the college swimmer, high school swimmer, fan and swim parent.

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In Praise Of Katie Meili

And all this brings me back to Katie Meili, daughter of my old college friend. Being a sports guy, I never anticipated that Jenny Thompson or Katie Meili could achieve these things.

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Watch: Inside the Forge – 2017 WCs from Katinka Hosszu’s Perspective

Follow along with Katinka Hosszu as she prepares for and competes in the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest.


Michael Phelps Goes Live On Facebook, Discusses Race Strategy & More

Michael Phelps went live on Facebook this morning for just under an hour, continuing the series for which he’s reportedly getting paid $200,000.


On a Near Full-Year Taper, Michael Phelps Still Loses to a Shark

The shark was reportedly untapered, even more embarrassing for the so-called greatest athlete ever.


Get A Glimpse Into Michael Phelps’ Underwater Shark Cage

We’re used to seeing Michael Phelps dominating in the pool, but when the GOAT is in a shark cage, he’s the one that looks like a would-be victim of the Great White.


Check Out Sports Books Odds On World Championships Sprint Events

See who the book makers believe will take gold in the women’s and men’s sprint events in Budapest.


Team USA Lose A/C, Men Strip Down In Bus En Route To Budapest

Fresh off their training camp in Croatia, Team USA is en route to Budapest, but not without unexpected travel difficulties.


“We Have Always Done It That Way”

“We have always done it that way”, is a phrase I have heard uttered far too often by coaches in response to a challenge of their training methods.


8 Swim Parent Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety at Meets

What can we do to help our kids overcome anxiety when they’re racing at swim meets? When my son was in the 11-12 age group, he would get so scared at meets. I’d watch him turn pale and physically shut down.


7 Ways To Be A Better Swim PA Announcer

Nothing makes the grind of sitting through a four-hour prelim session even longer for a swim parent than listening to an annoying public address announcer – or one that cannot be clearly heard.


10 Swim Coach Stereotypes – What Type Is Your Coach?

Swim coaches coach because they love the sport and their athletes. And we love ’em right back. Here are 10 swim coach stereotypes that we see on our local pool decks.


Lochte Joins Team Shark, Says Phelps Has No Chance In Shark Week Race

Ryan Lochte sides with the shark when Great White battles Great Gold (Michael Phelps) on the Discovery Channel on July 23rd.


Get The SwimSwam 2017 World Championships Preview Magazine

2017 FINA World Championships start in less than a week, and you can get the SwimSwam Magazine World Championships Preview as a digital issue now.

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Sippy Woodhead’s Tips For SwimSwam Parents

Legendary swimmer Cynthia “Sippy” Woodhead broke her first world record at age 14 and won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics six years later. She now enjoys life on deck as a swim parent.


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