Swimming, From: A Retired Swimmer

I never thought the day would actually come where I was done swimming forever. I had been working so hard at something I loved for twelve long,

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6 Ways Swimming Will Change Your Child

If you are a young swimmer or a parent who wonders sometimes if there are better ways to spend your weekends, evenings and money, the answer is absolutely not. Not only will Swimming change your child, it will also profoundly impact you.


Why Do They Swim? (Part V – End Of A Series)

By Robert Sullivan, fifth and final in a series They swim for food. That’s a bit of a joke, and…

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3 Secrets To Smart Eating For Swimmers On Race Day

Swimmers know how critical timing is, and timing your meals on race day is just as important in helping you reach your competitive best.

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Keeping up with Siphiwe: Truck Driver turned Masters Champion (Video)

At 45 years of age, Siphiwe Baleka was the oldest male swimmer at the Arena Pro Swim in Indianapolis by ten years.


15 nageurs-stéréotypes que nous aimons et détestons

Voici 15 personnages communs que nous trouvons dans nos lignes d’eau tous les jours.


When It Comes To Swimming, Be Selfish

I was always taught to treat others like how I wanted others to treat me. While this is true, in the sport of swimming and in life, you have to be selfish if you want to survive the grind.

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3 Big Eating Mistakes Swimmers Make on Race Day

You feel ready, but before you set off, there are three common mistakes swimmers make on, and just before, race day. Don’t let these dietary blunders jeopardize your performance on the big day.

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WATCH: Micah Lawrence and Austin Sumrall Wedding Video

2012 U.S. Olympian Micah Lawrence and Austin Sumrall were married on January 27th, 2017, and videographer Gina Palombit of Lemon Light Productions has…


‘Plumbing Leak’ Remains At Texas, Affecting Nearby Creek

As reported, the American Short Course Championships set March 2nd-4th were forced to change venues unexpectedly due to a leak, one which remains now several days removed.


Swimswam Yearbook with Madison Kennedy (Video)

In an effort to give you a little more insight on what your fellow swimmers’ lives are like, we present Swimswam Yearbook.

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The Struggles with Taper

The struggles every swimmer has when it comes to taper.


A Thank You Letter To My Coaches

Written and courtesy of Katie Lafferty Dear Coaches, I want to take some time to just say thank you. I…

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Shouts From The Stands: My Friend Bill Krumm, A Message To All

My wife, Cindy, and I had Bill Krum visit us on Saturday February 25th. We talked a lot of swimming and then enjoyed sushi at a local restaurant.


Life Without Swimming: Reflections after Week 1 of Retirement

The biggest lesson that swimming didn’t teach me is that life goes on. I didn’t about life once I was done with swimming. Nobody prepared me for when I would be done.