LA 2024 Reveals ‘Games Concept’

The organizers behind the city of Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympic Games has provided information on what is describes as its ‘Games Concept’.  

“Our Games concept is based on adapting the Olympic and Paralympic Games to fit our city’s world-class stadiums, arenas and campuses”, reads the newly launched site.  LA 2024 is prepared to design a venue plan to maximize its existing world-class facilities, as well as civic and open spaces that are already a part of Los Angeles, the United States’ second-biggest city by population.

The proposed plan features:

  • Five venue clusters, all within the footprint of the city and containing 94% of all sports
  • World-class venues – 85% of which are either existing or planned regardless of the bid
  • Numerous opportunities for fans to view non-ticketed events across the city
  • All clusters within a 30 minute drive of the Olympic Village – over 50% of the all sports will be within 15 minutes or less of the Olympic Village
  • An Olympic Village located in the heart of the city near Downtown Los Angeles, with unprecedented access to the city’s numerous world-class attractions

Below are two maps detailing out the proposed venues and locations for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

LA 2024 Map A

LA 2024 Map B


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5 years ago

This bid may be very appealing, since it calls for renovations rather then new venues for the most part. The bid between rome, la, and paris should be interesting.

5 years ago

“All clusters within a 30 minute drive of the Olympic Village – over 50% of the all sports will be within 15 minutes or less of the Olympic Village”


Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

Reply to  Nick
5 years ago

Maybe if events are at 2am?

5 years ago

As I live in L.A., thanks for the reality check and I chuckle along with you! Unless they decide to once and for all build a transportation system, but I’m not holding my breath. But I was a little surprised to see Long Beach next door (just south of the eastern edge of this map) not included in any of the venues, that would definitely save some commuting time right there. Not sure where the rowing would be to replace the Long Beach Marine Stadium though. I live next to Griffith Park and hike/run there all the time, so would be cool to watch BMX and Mountain biking there. 🙂 But overall I’m still very skeptical of the price tag… Read more »

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