Gregg Troy Will Shave Mustache If Caeleb Dressel Goes 18.39 In 50 Free

Retta Race
by Retta Race 36

September 02nd, 2015 College, News, SEC

With the University of Florida swimming and diving program getting ready for the upcoming 2015-16 season, Head Coach Gregg Troy took a few moments to respond to some fun questions posed by fans via social media.  Troy answered queries that ranged from serious to lighthearted, with everyone learning something new about the Gator man.

Of course, one couldn’t help but notice that some of the fans’ names looked a tad familiar (looking at you, Caeleb Dressel and Georgia Hohmann).  Through his Q & A, Troy gives his take on such topics as swimmer development, what it takes for college swimming and overall advice to parents.

But, Troy also appeases the tamer questions involving his favorite pizza in Gainesville, how much he loves Taylor Swift (or doesn’t), as well as reveals the year upon he decided to start growing his iconic mustache.

There is an especially entertaining exchange between Troy and Dressel, where the sophomore asks, “What time would you take in a 50 free for you to shave your mustache?”, to which Coach Troy responds, “Short Course 18.39, Long Course 20.89.”  It was a playful exchange, but definitely shines a light on the talent Dressel possesses when it comes to throwing down fierce times in the pool – enough where Coach Troy would risk his prized whiskers.

You can read the entire Q & A article on the GatorZone site here.

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Coach Murray
8 years ago

No tech suit, not a tremendous amount of rest, a traditional “work, works” mentality and dare I say…not shaved! Tremendously enjoyable to witness this speed. Caleb seems to be a wonderful student athlete all around. Congrats to Coaches GT, SJ, MW, and LS.

Swimmer A
8 years ago

Suddenly this article is relevant again

8 years ago

Lol time to kick out the ol’ shaving cream and razor!!!!!!!!

8 years ago

Guess he’s gotta shave now

8 years ago

whelp. this happened.

Wes Daniel CrawfishAquatics Swimmer
8 years ago


8 years ago

Someone is shaving their mustache

Dressel fan
8 years ago

THIS JUST HAPPENED! 18.39 for Caeleb at 206 SEC’s! The stache has to go!

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