Krayzelburg Wins Santa Clara SwimSquad With Second-Highest Total Ever


Lenny Krayzelburg‘s SwimSquad won a tough Santa Clara meet, putting up the second-highest point total of any team at any meet so far. Krayzelburg’s 98 points is second only to the 107 his crew put up in Austin.

It was a high-scoring weekend in general. The CoughlinSquad put up a season-high 89 points, and SandenoSquad topped their season-high by a single point as well.

Krayzelburg continued to rack up points in all six starting slots. Chase Kalisz put together his fifth-straight IM sweep on the Pro Swim Series this season, earning the maximum 20 points, and Katie Ledecky also maxed out with 400 and 800 free wins.

Coughlin had three max-pointers: Simone Manuel, Ryan Murphy and Lilly KingBut Krayzelburg had every member of his team score double digits, and topped Coughlin by 9.

Sandeno got a perfect 20 from Zane Grothewho has been a staple of the freestyles thus far, scoring between 17 and 20 points in every meet this year. Sandeno would have surged to second place had Caeleb Dressel swum finals of the 50 fly. Instead, he scratched, and his likely 20 points dropped to 10.

LezakSquad had a rough weekend. Stalwart Nathan Adrian is usually good for 20, but his streak of PSS 100 free wins ended when he missed the A final in prelims this weekend. His time ultimately would have been second, but he earned no points there and then scratched finals of the 50 free despite swimming a morning time that would have won easily. LezakSquad got zero points from Adrian, but did get 20 from backstroker sweeper Regan Smith.

KrayzelburgSquad 98
Starter Events Points
Free Katie Ledecky 400/800 20
Back Olivia Smoliga 50/100 17
Breast Nic Fink 50/100 13
Fly Kelsi Dahlia 50/100 17
IM Chase Kalisz 200/400 20
Flex Matt Grevers 50BK/100BK 11
CoughlinSquad 89
Starter Points
Free Simone Manuel 50/100 20
Back Ryan Murphy 100/200 20
Breast Lilly King 100/200 20
Fly Tom Shields 100/200 7
IM Melanie Margalis 200 10
Flex Ali Deloof 50BK/100BK 12
SandenoSquad 80
Starter Points
Free Zane Grothe 800/1500 20
Back Jacob Pebley 100/200 14
Breast Emily Escobedo 100/200 10
Fly Caeleb Dressel 50/100 10
IM Ella Eastin 200/400 10
Flex Leah Smith 400FR/800FR 16
LezakSquad 52
Starter Points
Free Nathan Adrian 50/100 0
Back Regan Smith 100/200 20
Breast Kevin Cordes 50/100 15
Fly Pace Clark 100/200 4
IM Jay Litherland 200/400 3
Flex Josh Prenot 200IM/200BR 10
Total Austin Atlanta Mesa Indianapolis Santa Clara
KrayzelburgSquad 456 107 71 89 91 98
CoughlinSquad 417 88 72 82 86 89
SandenoSquad 371 76 79 71 65 80
LezakSquad 301 67 52 65 65 52


  • Prior to each meet, the captain will select 6 swimmers from their overall roster to score.
  • Each of the six athletes is designated for one specific category, and can score in up to two events from that category. The categories are:
    • Free (50 through 1500)
    • Back (50 through 200)
    • Breast (50 through 200)
    • Fly (50 through 200)
    • IM (200 and 400, not the mystery order 200 IM)
    • Flex (any two races)
  • An athlete must make the top 8 to score points:
    • 1st: 10
    • 2nd: 8
    • 3rd: 7
    • 4th: 5
    • 5th: 4
    • 6th: 3
    • 7th: 2
    • 8th: 1

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Fred Lutz
3 years ago

Interested in how this team competition has been received by fans and swimmers around the country. Are people interested in it? Has it helped marketing? An issue may be that 8-16 year olds likely have no idea who these former Olympians are. Would have been cool to take a sandlot approach with captains from the current National Team drafting swimmers to their teams.

Reply to  Fred Lutz
3 years ago

from an old guy…have no interest in it and seems like a reach for USA swimming, however just my personal opinion…if it is bringing interest to the sport, additional $ fro Sponsors and others…great I am all for for it. Would love to see the metrics around it and what it is accomplishing.

Coach Josh
Reply to  Fred Lutz
3 years ago

I think this was a “good effort” try on USA Swimming’s part, but I really don’t think anyone cares and it’s tough when some swimmers are not at every stop.

3 years ago

Does Lezak understand the rules?

Fred Lutz
3 years ago

USA Swimming has 280.4k followers on Twitter. They posted something today about about the standings. It received 12 likes and 1 comment. I think we have our answer.

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