Kosuke Kitajima is Taking Chase Kalisz out for Sushi in Tokyo (Video)


Reported by Lauren Neidigh.

MEN’S 200 IM:

  • World Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.00, 2011
  • American Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.00, 2011
  • Championship Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.56, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.56, 2009
  1. GOLD: Chase Kalisz– 1:55.73
  2. SILVER: Abrahm DeVine– 1:57.21
  3. T-BRONZE: Andrew Seliskar– 1:58.23
  4. T-BRONZE: Gunnar Bentz– 1:58.23

Chase Kalisz had his best swim of the meet tonight. When he won the Worlds title last summer, he put up his lifetime best 1:55.56 to become the 4th fastest American ever and the 7th fastest man ever worldwide. It’s clear that Kalisz is saving his best for Pan Pacs, but he was less thatn 2 tenths shy of his best to win it tonight in 1:55.73. His 2017 Worlds teammate Abrahm DeVine, the 5th fastest American ever, secured his Pan Pacs spot with a 1:57.21 for 2nd, about a half second shy of his best from last summer.

Andrew Seliskar came from behind to catch up to Gunnar Bentz, taking a second off his best as he tied Bentz for 3rd in 1:58.23. Before this season, Seliskar hadn’t gone a best since 2013. Olympian Bentz clipped his best by about a tenth tonight. Josh Prenot, who qualified for Pan Pacs by winning the 200 breast at this meet, was a close 5th in 1:58.57.

In the B final, age groupers Carson Foster and Gianluca Urlando battled for the 15-16 NAG Record as they trailed heat winner Will Licon (1:59.39) closely. Foster re-broke his NAG Record from this morning, clipping off a few tenths in 1:59.44. Urlando would’ve had his first ever sub-2:00 swim, but was disqualified for a false start. He may be swimming that races at Pan Pacs, however, as Urlando placed 3rd in the 200 fly at the beginning of the meet to potentially qualify.

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Justin Thompson
4 years ago

A crafty veteran move on Kosukes part.

Love to Swim
4 years ago

Good for him. Sushi and sashimi in Tokyo are so fresh and very affordable too! I found an amazing standing only sushi bar in Akihabara right next McDonald’s and Burger King outlets lol.

4 years ago

He should wait till the last session of the meet to try the local Sushi (or sashimi)! Myself and several in my party got Gastro on our first weekend because our inferior western stomachs weren’t prepared for the superiority of Japanese cuisine. And there’s a small likelihood that that Kitajima could be working as a secret cloak and dagger agent for Seto and Hagino.

Reply to  KeithM
4 years ago

Kitijima comes to dinner with 3 pairs of designer shoes just to show how successful you can be with multiple kicks

Reply to  Harambe
4 years ago

Haha, this made me laugh IRL.

4 years ago

How does this man not have a suit deal…

Reply to  DresselApologist
4 years ago

I keep wondering the same thing! Does anyone have any info on this?

Reply to  DresselApologist
4 years ago

Big suit companies might be looking at his achademic problems in college and staying away. If I were him, I’d recognize that if Speedo/Arena/TYR haven’t reached out to him yet, they never will. I would start to look at smaller companies like Dolphin, A3, or Finis.

Reply to  Nonameswimmer
4 years ago

Why isn’t Michael Phelps signing Chase? Supposedly they are great friends! Is the MP brand making good money?

Reply to  Nonameswimmer
4 years ago

was he not a great student?

Reply to  dfgd
4 years ago

Yes – him failing a gen ed class was the reason for the whole Bauerle probation drama

4 years ago

Kitajima is a Warrior! Great learning opportunity for Chase.

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