Kayla Han Breaks 10 & Under Record in 200 IM

10-year old Kayla Han of Brea Aquatics has broken the  National Age Group Record in the 200 yard IM. Swimming at the Winter Age Group Championships in Palm Springs, California, Han won all 8 races that she entered, including a 2:13.33 in the 200 yard IM – part of a 1-2-3 Brea sweep with her teammates Avery Chu and Angelica Mom taking 2nd and 3rd.

That swim breaks the 10 & under National Age Group Record of 2:14.30 that was set by Mia Tandingan in 2015.

Han’s previous best time in the event was a 2:15.14, done a month ago. She had been a 2:19 entering the 2018-2019 short course season, and has now dropped 6 seconds in the event.

She was also about a second short of the NAG Record in the 100 free (55.94, off a 54.89); and about 8-tenths from Claire Tuggle‘s record in the 200 free (1:59.07 off a 1:58.20).

Other Han Wins:

  • 50 free – 26.11
  • 100 free – 55.94
  • 200 free – 1:59.07
  • 100 breast – 1:12.60
  • 100 IM – 1:03.64
  • 200 IM – 2:13.33
  • 200 free relay – 25.78 anchor split (1:54.82 total team time)
  • 200 medley relay – 34.04 breaststroke split (2:11.74 total team time)

Record-Setting Race Video:

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These kids are getting so fast!!! I don’t get how at 10 omg…


Nice job! It would help both parents and young swimmers if a systemic study is conducted to see if record breaking at a very young age (say 12 and under) is correlated with success in later years (say in college or beyond) when it really counts. With all the data USA swimming is collecting this should be a very doable study.

sane swim parent

Someone did. About 10% of all-time top 100 10&U have top 100 times at 17-18. It increases about 10 percentage points with every age group.

The Weez

Yes, there was an article here on SwimSwam detailing as much ~ Maybe early this year? but within the past two I’m almost certain. Someone with a bit more time and inclination might be able to dredge it up? I did a quick search but came up empty handed.

cynthia curran

You have a valid point. She is faster at 10 than I was at 18.

Coach John

trust me, that horse has been beaten (not quite to death) every time a 10 year old is mentioned with a record. ultimately it is a nice recognition for the swimmer and coach to know they achieved that but should not alter the long-term plan of development.

funny enough, NBA star Kris Humphries had a 10 and under NAG in 50FR at one time…. he didn’t stay in the pool.


Maybe refraining from reporting on 10 yr old’s performances would help tamp down the insanity. I know people are going to access the info anyway, but still…..


You commenting just added fuel to the fire, any attention is good attention in this new world. Likes and comments (regardless of opinion) are simply data that will go to show that this story attracted eyeballs.
I for one don’t see anything wrong with highlighting these achievements; bonus points for doing these swims without a tech suit!

Coach John

I don’t think recognizing achievement at this age will effect the insanity… it just puts those crazy coaches/parents in the limelight so everyone knows how they are. it’s a much more complex issue then that I think.


I am confused. Have competitions but don’t keep track of results? Presumably swimming, being primarily an individual sport, produces more sour grapes than team sports… If USA swimming really felt competition at this level was harmful, they could just remove records for 10 & Under swimming – end of story. However, I think it’s a way to keep people interested in the sport; it’s self preservation for all involved including coaches. More importantly, I am pretty sure Kayla’s parents don’t need to drag her to the pool. No one with that kind of commitment is swimming for someone else. Let her keep her achievements and let them be known. I know my daughter is inspired by her. What better hero… Read more »


Very pleased that she had her NAG swim without resorting to a kneeskin.


She doesn’t need too when she dwarfs the competition

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