Joy Jiang Break’s Ella Eastin’s 10&U 100 Fly NAG Record At Eastern Zone Championships

A third National Age Group Record has been broken at the 2014 Eastern Zone Age Group Championships. 10 year old Joy Jiang from Metropolitan Swimming broke Ella Eastin‘s 10 & under 100 butterfly NAG record of 1:08.81 from 2008.

Jiang won the event with her time of 1:08.67, breaking the previous record. She is pictured above with her mother after winning the event.

She took her first 50 out in 32.58 and brought it back in 36.09 for a final time of 1:08.67.

Jiang won the event by more than three seconds. Zoe Dixon finished second at 1:08.67 and Hannah Arndt was third at 1:13.48.

Full Race video can be found below:

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bobo gigi
7 years ago


7 years ago

Great swim ,congrats ,
USA swimming should not register records for 10 and under,s
Unrelavent and way to burn kids out…

Becky D
Reply to  Acoach
7 years ago

Better yet, don’t even time 10&U races. Instead, give everyone a participation trophy.

7 years ago

I always LOVE when I see these burn-out comments.

Having coached Age Group Swimming since the 80s – focus is always on technique – an hour of practice is dedicated to one lap drills only.

For the record – if you look at the NAG Records for 10&Us Girls, Lea Neal (came from a great program at AGUA and Elizabeth Beisel from Bluefish another amazing program with grounded and excellent coaches/parents) – made the National team and or the Olympics. The number of NAG Record Holders with success in swimming in the Girls continue to rise in the 11-12 Age Group !

Records do NOT BURN OUT Swimmers – Intense Parents and Coaches Do !

So, why do most… Read more »

CS Lee
7 years ago

Well said, Carle, I have seen quite a few of so-called “swimming prodigies” just quit and faded away because of miss-management by the coaches and their parents, they burnt out not because of the records but due to inappropriate handling in their swimming life.

bobo gigi
7 years ago

You look very happy in the video! 😆
Does your phone, tablet or camera still work? :mgreen:

7 years ago

Status of smart phone

I was sitting next to Mom in the stands – along with some other parents from the Westchester Aquatic Wolverines.

Mrs. Jiang was video taping, she was so excited, she forgot to stop taping, hugged me, and started jumping up and down, thus the screaming and craziness at the end of video.

Yes the smart phone survived – as a coach – I very rarely sit in stands with the parents – As situations can get pretty emotional ! With that being said, I will Never deny a parent the emotions felt after a Great swim ! All good fun !

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