Seasonal Operations Coordinator

Applications due 05/10/21

Job Description:

Date posted: April 8, 2021

Location: 5050 Ridgedale Pkwy, North Chesterfield, VA, USA

Job Purpose
The Seasonal Operations Coordinator position exists as a facility and safety leader of daily operations within the Operations Department at SwimRVA. The position is intended to oversee and facilitate a team of professional rescuers, facility and patron safety, general facility maintenance, and as site supervisor. The Seasonal Operations Coordinator is a part-time, seasonal position with varying shift times to include morning, evening, weekend and event shifts, as needed.
Duties and Responsibilities

Facility/Site Safety
• Ensure safety of all patrons, guests and employees through the facility by properly managing and training the professional rescuer team.
• Maintain awareness of facility safety issues and remedy (or delegate remedy) in priority order.
• Evaluate patron safety on a continuous basis to make staff and equipment adjustments as necessary.
• Maintain efficiency of facility schedule and coordinate pool space and facility flow with all facility users.

Employee Management
• Supervise team of professional rescuers to ensure that all daily and weekly duties are satisfactorily performed.
• Manage and participate in professional rescuer rotation and assignment of professional rescuer surveillance stations.
• Assist in conducting on-board and in-service training of employees on a daily basis.
• Assist in enforcing employment rules and policies and document discipline.

Facility/Site Flow
• Monitor patrons and groups to make sure they are using the appropriate space.
• Oversee facility formatting and proper lane space for various groups.

Acting Duty Officer
• Manage SwimRVA execution of COVID-19 policies as outlined in the SwimRVA Reopening Guide.
• Monitor and adjust safety strategies as needed to ensure the well-being of all guests and employees.
• Address any violations of SwimRVA’s safety operations.
• Organize and conduct routine disinfections.
Facility Maintenance
• Inspect and carry out regular maintenance that will include, but is not limited to, scrubbing, scraping, cleaning concrete, walls, windows and toilets/urinals.
• Regular operational checks of pool pumps, filters, strainers and chemical injectors and maintain as needed.
• Daily monitoring of systems (pool equipment, lighting, plumbing, etc)

Pool Maintenance
• Perform or delegate bi-hourly chemistry checks on all pools and adjust controllers as needed.
• Perform daily full chemistry and equipment checks and manually adjust levels as needed.
• Change and clean circulation pump strainers.
• Cleaning and maintaining all metal, plastic, vinyl and tile components of all pools.

• Keep accurate logs and records of daily and weekly duties, daily and bi-hourly chemistry checks, and daily shift reports.
• Create and verify accurate incident and rescue reports.

Event Management
• Act as Manager on Duty.
• Setup, breakdown, and clean for events.
• Perform varying porter duties during swim meets that include, but are not limited to, refilling toilet paper, cleaning bathrooms and unclogging drains, collecting and removing trash.
• Lead staff in daily facility format changes to accommodate facility needs and schedule.

Working Conditions
Some of the conditions will be in auxiliary areas of the building that include pool pump rooms, chemical storage rooms, electrical rooms, and storage areas. The Seasonal Operations Coordinator should be comfortable working in a variety of locations and be able to safely climb and descend ladders as part of a normal work day.

Physical Requirements
The Seasonal Operations Coordinator may need to lift 50 lbs. without assistance and up to 100 lbs. as a team with the use of equipment. This includes the ability to move, lift, carry or push heavy objects on a regular basis. This position also includes standing for long periods of time, repetitive tasks with limited breaks.

Certification Requirements
• American Red Cross Lifeguarding with CPR/AED and Emergency Oxygen required.
• Current American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) is a plus
• Training available to qualified candidates

Direct Reports
The Seasonal Operations Coordinator will directly supervise all professional rescuers (Lifeguards) and will work alongside the Director/ Assistant Director of Operations and Operations Manager.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit an application to [email protected]


Contact Information

Rebecca Quicke


phone: 8042718271