Lead Group Coach, Saline Swim Team

Job Description:

Location: Saline High School, Campus Parkway, Saline, MI, USA

Saline Swim Team is looking for an experienced coach who, not only, share a love of swimming and working with young people, but also have the expertise and disposition to enhance competitiveness of our exciting and growing program.

Key Responsibilities​​:

  • ·  Plan and implement training design for select Age-groups through a custom seasonal plan
  • ·  Provide a deep understanding of swimming biomechanics, including but not limited to:

    progression training, drills and clinic style teaching.

  • ·  Work within the structure of a team wide progressive development plan.
  • ·  Have a basic understanding of aerobic and energy system development
  • ·  Lead groups with and without support from other staff.
  • ·  Must be available on weeknights and some weekends
  • ·  Ability to productively and safely lead large groups of swimmers.
  • ·  Comfort in working with a variety of age groups.
  • ·  Love for the sport of swimming and continued zeal for personal development.

How to Apply

Email Resume and Interest:

Jeff Gross, Head Coach, [email protected]

Contact Information

Jeff Gross

phone: 848-702-3011