Head Swim Coach

Job Description:

Date posted: May 6, 2022

Location: Mitchell Recreation Center, North Main Street, Mitchell, SD, USA

  • Base Annual Salary $40,000 to $50,000
  • Profit Sharing on Swimming Lessons
  • Bonus Pay with Club Growth
  • Travel and Relocation Stipend
  • No State Income Tax

Dakota Riptide is a USA Swimming Club that operates out of two short course pools and two long course pools in the Mitchell and Huron communities.  The program offers a supportive atmosphere that emphasizes sound stroke technique, wet and dryland training, and competitive opportunities at every level.

General Function:

Under the direction of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the goals and objectives of the swim club, the Head Coach is responsible with the management of the swim club within the rules and guidelines of the Mitchell Recreation Center, Nordby Recreation Center, Hitchcock Park, and Splash Central respectively.  The Head Swim Coach must work daily to develop personal and meaningful relationships with members, staff, and guests.  The Head Swim Coach will oversee all Assistant Coaches to ensure the mission, vision and philosophy of Dakota Riptide remain intact.


 Required Certifications: (These are the responsibility of the coach to keep current)

  • CPR
  • Safety Training for Swim Coach (Online & In Water)
  • Coach Advantage Tutorial
  • USAS Background Check
  • Athlete Protection Training
  • Foundations of Coaching
  • CDC Heads Up


Essential Functions:

  1. Coach the entire competitive swim program. This includes but is not limited to developing a swim program that is technically and developmentally age appropriate for both water and dryland training and that allows swimmers of different abilities to reach their highest potential. Able to place each registered swimmer into practice groups based on age and ability of the swimmer.
  2. When available, supervise, mentor, and evaluate Assistant Coach/Coaches, including preparation of daily and seasonal work-outs, skill sets, and practice groups.
  3. Manage and lead our swim lesson program, which has averaged 200 kids per year since 2011.  This is a great resource for growing the Dakota Riptide Program
  4. Lead swimmer recruitment/retention efforts for all swim groups
  5. Decide on which meets the team will participate in during SC and LC seasons and will submit meet entries.
  6. Build meaningful relationships with members and participants; help members connect with one another and to the Swim Club
  7. Work daily to nurture the potential of youth and teens; help people improve their well-being; and provide opportunities for people to give back and support their neighbors.
  8. Promote the mission, vision and Philosophy of the Swim Club.
  9. Ensure that all team operations are completed in a timely and organized manner. Communication to the swimmers, parents, board and community members are done in a timely and professional and age-appropriate manner.
  10. Lead practices of the group(s) given by the Head Coach or Site Director with care and excitement.
  11. Ensure the safety of swimmers at practice by following precautions and regulations
  12. Give swimmers knowledge to understand and master strokes allowing for movement up through the swim team groups.
  13. Be on deck before swimmers begin practice to greet swimmers and parents.
  14. Attend and participate in Board meetings as a non-voting member as often as possible.
  15. Work with local high schools for submitting lettering requirements

Job Segments:

Wet Side Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the swim program for Dakota Riptide and determine best practices
  • Attend all swim meets or delegate meet coaching to Assistants
  • Oversee swim meet entries for both individual and team entries
  • Oversee and manage all Assistant Coaches at practices and swim meets
  • Any task or function that is reasonably determined a function of the Head Coach

Dry Side Responsibilities:

  • Assist in Meet organization and preparation
  • Attend pertinent meetings (coaches, LSC, team, etc.)
  • Complete or delegate providing educational information to parents
  • Attends activities and events as determined by the Board of Directors
  • Receive, review and sign-off on Assistant Coaches hours per pay period

How to Apply

Please send resume and cover letters to: [email protected]


Contact Information

Walt Moody