Head Coach/ Beginner USA Swim Team

Job Description:

Date posted: November 2, 2023

Location: 73 Patricia Drive, Palm Coast, FL, USA

Job Description   

The FLagler FLUiD Swim Team, LLC is seeking a Head Swim Coach, in Palm Coast, Florida.  The team is a year-round beginner competitive USA Swimmer team, with a 501(c)3 booster club. The ideal candidate should be interested in developing swimmers new to the program, but also be able to meet the needs of senior-level competitive swimmers in a flexible and welcoming swim club environment. 


 Principal Responsibilities:

Swim Team Programming:

  • Provide leadership, instruction and motivation to every swimmer. Teach strokes, techniques, and sportsmanship at various levels and age groups.
  • Plan workouts that include appropriate technique, stroke development, team spirit, and team building, etc.
  • Routinely evaluate programs, along with staff, and make changes to ensure high quality and meaningful service to swim team members.
  • Develop a seasonal plan to train all competing swim team members to compete at their optimal abilities.
  • .Attending all swim meets


  • Communicate with the Board/owner on a regular basis.
  • Work with the owner/coaches to communicate policies and programs to families and participants to promote participation and establish relationships that extend beyond a single swim team season.
  • Work with swimmers on their goals from the start of the season to the last event of the season.
  • Select swim meets in collaboration with the board and assistant coaches for each season based on your seasonal plan.
  • Select events for swimmers based on their abilities and their goals as necessary.
  • Maintain working relationships with other swim teams.

Staffing and Supervision:

  • Head Coach will be an employed by Flagler FLuid Swim Team, LLC
  • Head Coach will work with the Owner/Coaches to recruit, train, and evaluate coaching staff.
  • Head Coach will supervise team coaches, and work with Board and assistant coaches to set and maintain meet and practice schedules.
  • Organize and communicate with Assistant Coaches for a cohesive swim program including the seasonal plan.

Facility and Equipment:

  • Maintain high safety standards in the pool area.
  • Ensure safe and correct use of venue facilities and equipment and maintain them properly
  • Maintain inventory and request swim team gear as needed and ensure that gear is properly secured and stored.


Required Instructor/Coaching Certification:

  • Current certification as an USA Swim Team Coach 
  • Must pass USA Swimming background check
  • All required certifications for USA Swimming Certification and stay current within those requirements

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience working with youth
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • 2+ years swim coaching experience
  • Leadership of a coaching group 

Employee information:

Salary/hourly negotiable , pending number of kids, set compensation for meets, practice, and administrative duties. Approximately 25 hours a week on deck and up to 5-10 hours administrative work per week. Benefits are not included.

Contact: [email protected]

How to Apply

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Contact Information

Carrie Purdy

phone: 3869866616