Full Time Age Group Coach & Team Administrator

Applications due 08/26/19

Job Description:

Location: 15622 Country Club Drive, Bothell, WA, USA


This position will be the primary coach on our Discover Group and will manage team administration including, but not limited to, meet entries and billing, fundraising, team database and records, intrateam building events and parent volunteer committees. Additional Lifeguarding and/or Office hours will be added to maintain a 40 hour workweek, most of which is during slow times where Team Administration tasks can be completed.



Base Pay: This is a salaried position and will be determined based on the qualifications and experience of the individual upon hire.

Benefits: This position includes full medical and dental. Additionally, we will partially reimburse your cell phone bill each month with the expectation that you take calls and answer text/emails outside of work hours.

End-Of-Year Bonus: during profitable years, the board will award up to 50% of profits to be split between employees based on individual performance, contribution and longevity.

Private Lessons: We allow our coaches to do Private Lessons. They must be done during lap or open swim times and adhere to our set pricing structure. We do a revenue share on Private Lessons, Club Team Coaches keep 75% of the lesson revenue and 25% goes to the organization.


Discover Training Group:

Our Discover Group is our third level on the year-round competitive team. Swimmers are typically between 9-11 years old, are legal in all strokes and need to be prepared for more structured and demanding training. This coach will be responsible for in-water and dryland training, attending all meets Discover swimmers compete in, and working with the Head Coach to ensure consistent vision and objectives across the program.


Team Administration & Lifeguarding:

As the owners and operators of our facility, we are responsible for staffing lifeguards throughout the day. This role will include some lifeguarding during lap swim hours where other duties can be completed when the pool is slow and other lifeguards are present.


Normal Schedule:


Life Guarding / Team Administration 9am-2pm *these hours have some flexibility and will be adjusted to maintain a 40hr work week.

Practice 6:15-8pm


Life Guarding / Team Administration 9am-2pm *these hours have some flexibility and will be adjusted to maintain a 40hr work week

Practice 6:30-8pm


Practice 9-10:30am


Meet and Vacation Schedule:

Meets happen roughly 1-2 times per month. We take most all the month of August off each year and have a couple short breaks during the winter and spring.


About West Coast Aquatics:

We are a 501c3 non-profit, coach-run organization. We own and operate our facility and pride ourselves on fostering excellence both in and out of the pool while instilling life lessons such as dedication, sportsmanship and a strong work ethic. Please visit our website at www.WestSwimTeam.com for more information.


Necessary Experience:

Must have prior experience in either competitive swimming or coaching / teaching children, preferably both. Candidates should also have either management experience or strong mechanical skills.



USA Swimming Coach Certification: Must be able to register as a Coach with USA Swimming, passing all background checks and meeting all requirements.

Lifeguard & CPR Certified: Must be capable of obtaining American Red Cross Lifeguarding & CPR Certification. Prefer if candidate is already certified, but we regularly offer classes throughout the year and will reimburse the cost of the class.

Strong Customer Service Skills: This position is one of the first lines of communication on our team and greater organization. This person will interact with customers, parents and contractors and must be outgoing, friendly and personable, yet effective and firm when necessary.

Organized & Detail Oriented: We expect our coaches to lead by example and demand excellence while nurturing growth and learning. Given the young age of swimmers in this group, many are discovering their passion for the sport and it is paramount they build a strong foundation of skills / technique while having fun and develop a strong work ethic.


Application Process:

Email a Cover Letter, Resume and list of 3 references to [email protected].

We are hoping to fill this position immediately, and September 6th at the latest.

How to Apply

Email a Cover Letter, Resume and list of 3 references to [email protected].

Contact Information

Nick Chevalier

15622 Country Club Drive
Mill Creek, WA 98012

phone: 4254205958