Film Technician (traveling)

Job Description:

Location: 337 Pier 1 Road, Stevensville, MD, USA

Argo is based on Kent Island, MD. Learn all about us on our Argo Swim Video website. Our company provides underwater video and accompanying voice over analysis as a service to the competitive swim community. We travel to pools across North America, filming thousands of swimmers per year. We will soon be filming for clients in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Argo seeks, young, athletic and whip smart individual to join our startup. Experience as a swimmer essential; as a videographer helpful but not necessary. We are growing fast and need an outside-the-box thinker to jump in and help us grow even faster. As in any startup enterprise, roles and responsibilities shift and grow. Argo is changing the face of swimming nationwide. The candidate we choose will be committed to that goal. Please provide a resume.

Training will require several evaluation sessions, which will involve total immersion in the details; assembling and managing kit, road travel and navigation, air travel, client facetime, filming techniques and media management.


If selected, you will be paid $1000 cash for ten (10) days of these “audition/training” days. If we pick you up after the training you will be paid $250 per diem, net, for a few months. If you’re happy, productive and fulfilled helping us grow the company, you will be offered a salaried position, details to be negotiated and mutually beneficial.

Work and Required Qualifications:

– You are a swimmer.

– You understand swim-life balance at your core; swimming helped you become a good citizen.

– You might be an underpaid assistant age group or college coach looking for the exit.

– You’ve digested our website and can imagine yourself as the face of our Company.

– You live in or near the DMV (DC, MD, VA, DE) area; ideal.

– You don’t live in the DMV but are willing to put up with some significant travel-training.

– You share our dream of impacting all of the swimming world.

– You love working with kids.

– You will walk for hours filming while operating a camera rig.

– You must love nationwide travel; driving, flying, motels and long hours.

– You’ve got a recent college degree or something as good as that.

– You possess the work ethic of a lion. No divas please.

How to Apply

Email resume to [email protected]

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