Assistant Coach, Men’s and Women’s Diving

Applications due 04/06/19

Job Description:

Location: 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH, USA

Bachelor’s degree; minimum one (1) year diving coach experience, including Graduate Assistant experience; travel and non-traditional hours; valid driver’s license.


Implements coaching strategies and teaching methods to develop student athletes’ skills and teamwork; analyzes performance of team and adjust strategies as needed; evaluates opponents and develops game strategies; plans and conducts practices and other activities in preparation for competition; manages camps and clinics, if applicable.

Assists with the development of the team budget; analyzes historical expenditure fixtures; compiles projections for budget expenditures for various aspects of team operations (i.e. travel, equipment, recruiting, athletic aid, marketing, etc.); authorizes the expenditures of funds for team operations; monitors expenditures to ensure that they adhere to proscribed limitations; ensures that all expenditures are properly documented and in compliance with university and NCAA regulations; prepares expenditure reports are directed.

Conducts promotional activities for fundraising, recruitment, public relations, and other marketing activities; attends promotional events, community activities, and fundraisers; prepares promotional materials for distribution (e.g. team background, participant bios, letters of interest, etc.); prepares and delivers speeches and presentations at local community groups, fundraisers, athlete events, etc.

Assists with the administration of policies and procedures with respect to academic expectations for team members; communicates with academic advising staff regarding athletic academic performance; meets with athletes to review course load issues, degree requirements, course selections, etc.; counsels athletes on performance issues, study skills, and techniques for academic success.

Identifies and develops team strategy for recruitment; analyzes team needs in order to focus recruitment efforts; creates promotional strategy for contacting and recruiting prospective student athletes; develops promotional correspondence and materials for distribution to prospective recruits; conducts recruiting trips and activities in accordance with developed recruitment strategy; formulates recommendations concerning the award of athletic aid to targeted recruits.

Oversees assigned course loads; compiles lesson plans and related course materials; receives and responds to student inquiries; provides instruction to students in applicable subject matter; reviews student performance to determine appropriate grade or credit.

Recruits, hires, trains, schedules, supervises, evaluates, and terminates student staff and lifeguards for the aquatics center, including providing certification in lifeguarding; verifies and submits student staff and lifeguard payroll for the aquatics center.

Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable OSHA safety standards that pertain to essential functions.


Coordinates videotape cup-ups of practices and games as directed.

Manages equipment inventory and related duties as directed.

Develops and manages strength training program as directed.

Drives passenger vans as required.

Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

Performs any and all other related duties as assigned or directed in order to promote, further, and ensure the effective and efficient operation of YSU.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Supervision is exercised over support staff on temporary or intermittent basis and full supervision and management of program is exercised in absence of head coach.

REPORTS TO: Head Coach, Swimming & Diving

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: In accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor physical demands strength ratings, this position will perform light work.

REQUIRED CERTIFICATIONS AND/OR LICENSURES: CPR/AED/First Aid certifications; ARC Lifeguard Instructor (LGI); ARC Lifeguard Instructor Trainer (LGIT); Annual proficiency in NCAA Certification to Recruit.

**Certifications can be earned once hired.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted at the following link to be considered:

Please do NOT email any applications to a YSU athletic staff member as those will not be viewed or considered.

Contact Information

Rebecca Fink

phone: 3309412283
fax: 330-941-3191