Assistant Coach

Applications due 04/30/19

Job Description:

Location: 8353 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX, USA

Texas Ford Aquatics is expanding and looking for energetic part and full-time age group and senior level coaches for late spring and fall openings.  We are looking for candidates who are passionate for coaching and are looking for an opportunity to learn and grow in a vibrant swimming business. Texas Ford Aquatics is located in Frisco, Texas, 20 miles north of downtown Dallas. TFA operates out of a coach owned and operated 50m x 25y facility and currently leases 2 additional facilities.



  1. Create and direct training programs for multiple age group and/or senior levels.
  2. Implement training philosophy that emphasizes long-term development and accordant with TFA training philosophies.
  3. Administrative duties related to training groups coached.
  4. Other off-deck duties as assigned, based on candidate’s skill-set.
  5. Collaboratively work with all staff on relevant tasks and projects.



  1. Successful candidates will have 2 years of previous coaching experience.
  2. Successful candidates should be ASCA certified level 2 at minimum.
  3. Successful candidates must be current certified USA Swimming coaches in good standing.
  4. Successful candidates should have a long-term career goal of coaching.
  5. Successful candidates will be passionate and demonstrate strong work-ethic.
  6. Successful candidates should have, or in pursuit of, an advanced degree.


Compensation:  Positions will offer competitive salaries. For full-time employees, benefits include: healthcare coverage, partially paid by employer, including dental and vision.


Application:  Interested candidates should email resume and cover letter to Stuart Smith, COO, Head Coach of Texas Ford Aquatics at [email protected]





How to Apply

Email resumes and cover letters to [email protected]

Contact Information

Stuart Smith

8353 Legacy Drive, Frisco, Texas 75034