Japan’s Daiya Seto Has 400 IM Added To Paris 2024 Olympic Schedule

Japan was one of the first nations to hold its 2024 Olympic Trials, with its week-long affair taking place in March of this year.

The Japanese Swimming Federation (JASF) released its 27-strong Games roster shortly after the meet concluded, with the lineup consisting of teenagers, veterans and several athletes in between.

One of the veterans representing Japan in Paris just weeks from now is Daiya Seto, the 30-year-old seeking to land on the Olympic podium once again after earning bronze in the 400m IM at the 2016 Games in Rio.

At this year’s Olympic Trials, Seto nailed Paris qualification in the men’s 200m IM, registering a time of 1:56.87.

However, Seto fell short in the 400m IM. His Trials time of 4:10.84 not only finished in 2nd place behind winner Tomoyuki Matsushita (4:10.04) but it also missed the JASF-mandated Olympic Qualification Time of 4:10.63.

Flash forward to the following month, however, and Seto indeed dipped under the OQT with a time of 4:10.44 posted at the Australian Open Championships in April. He participated in the Championships as he and countrymate Rikako Ikee have been training with Michael Bohl’s Griffith squad in Australia since last fall.

Seto’s improved time and the fact that he logged 4:09.41 for bronze at last year’s World Championships has led the JASF to add the 400m IM to his Olympic lineup.

JASF chairman Takayuki Umehara stated on the event determination, “We mainly focused on events selected at the qualifying tournament. But, if we determined it is better to compete in events in which the athlete has surpassed the qualification time, we consulted with the national team coach and entered them.” (Daily Japan)

From Seto’s perspective, the versatile ace recently said he’s in a good place both mentally and physically.

He said this week, “My condition and mental state are improving as we get closer to the actual event [Paris 2024]. I’m excited.”

Seto reportedly has slimmed down and has lost nearly 10 kg (22 lbs) during his time down under, a condition which he says makes it easier to control his body. (Kyodo News)

He shared his perspective that, “I’m now a veteran and I don’t know how many more big stages I have left.”

However, Seto did convey that he is aiming for this year’s Short Course World Championships slated for December in Budapest. There he will be aiming for an 8th consecutive medal-earning performance. He also told Kyodo News he will be aiming for a new world record in the 400m IM.

The current SCM 400 IM world record sits at the 3:54.81 Seto put on the books at the 2019 International Swimming League (ISL) final.

Regardless, Seto said, “I want to enjoy it [Paris] to the fullest, achieve my personal best, and swim in a way that I’m satisfied with.” (Kyodo News)

We’ll see Seto in action at the Sette Colli Trophy in Italy slated for June 21st – June 23rd in Rome, Italy.

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hin qaiyang
1 month ago

Love seto

1 month ago

Seto is in the heat sheets for the Australian Trials.

Mr Piano
1 month ago

Obviously the most tragic aspect of the pandemic was the lives that were lost, but it’s also heartbreaking for people like Seto who were set up for an amazing 2020 games.

It makes you realize how narrow the window of success for athletes can be.

Genevieve Nnaji
1 month ago

*happy dance*

Go Daddy Daiya Go!

1 month ago

8th consecutive medal-earning performance

SCM is…SCM but this is still unbelievable and a massively underrated feat

1 month ago

Lost 22 pounds?

Reply to  Snarky
1 month ago

You can’t lose fat that fast unless you’re losing a good amount of muscle and I don’t think he had a lot of fat to begin with. I’m curious how that’s going to affect his 200IM. But swimming is all power to weight ratio so maybe that 22 lb will put them in a better spot overall.

Beach Boy
1 month ago

Let’s gooooooo

1 month ago

Wait till Marchand swims 400m IM in SCM.

Reply to  Dylan
1 month ago


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