Japan Raises Anti-Doping Bar With New Organization

A new organization entitled ‘Japan Sports Fairness Organization’ is being created in an effort to further raise the Asian nation’s anti-doping measures to the levels expected by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

With elite athletes across skating and swimming having been nailed for doping in recent months, including reigning short course world champion Junya Koga, the additional group’s generation is aimed at boradening Japan’s message that the country does not tolerate cheating.

The group is supposed to officially launch during 2019 and will be charged with creating a more uniform and strict policy concerning the extent and number of doping tests required for each sport. Additionally, the group is supposed to help relieve some testing practices-related budget constraints that have plagued Japanese sports federations and tournament organizers until now.

Per Kyodo News, WADA had Japan to ‘focus on conducting doping tests in sports with a high risk of doping issues or those whose competition levels have been rapidly improving.’

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