Jack Alexy and Cal Bears (College Swimmers) Scratch En Masse from Finals

by Mark Wild 7

January 13th, 2024 National, News, Pro Swim Series


Day 4 (Saturday) Final Heat Sheets 

Whelp! It seems like the scratch/no show story from this morning has carried over into this evening’s final session.

Perhaps due to adverse weather conditions developing across the country and with the Cal Berkeley academic semester starting this week, it appears as if the remaining Cal (collegiate) swimmers have pulled out of tonight’s final session.  A list that includes

It seems like the Cal pro-group is staying as the likes of Abbey Weitzeil, Brooks Curry, Farida Osman, and Lucas Henveaux are staying.

Full List of Scratches

The 800’s are harder to see as the swimmers could have scratched anytime between the release of the updated pysch sheets and now.

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3 months ago

It’s called:
Pro Swim Series meet v. a Trials class/National Championship meet
Weather unsure.
5 hour flight, plus travel/security time to and from airports makes loooong day
Starting semester Monday
ASU meet less than a week away
After extended altitude training and 4 day LCM competition
Got to swim their events in prelims if they needed/wanted to do so.
A very common practice at every level of swimming where team travel is invilved

Nothing that justifies any criticism of Cal or any other team that might do multiple scratches on last day of multi-day non-selection/championship meet.

No one will be scratching out of last day finals of NCAAs or Olympic Trials.

Dave Tong
3 months ago

Big fact missing from story: Cal is swimming against ASU next Saturday, 1/20. Might be relevant, don’t you think?

Reply to  Dave Tong
3 months ago

It’s an annual tradition to scratch Saturday finals. The meet next weekend has nothing to do with this

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
3 months ago

There goes any competition for MA in the 50.

3 months ago

Cal has been doing this forever! It works for them. Yes, I would like them to scratch the night before but that is true for most coaches! Cal has been at OTC since Christmas and probably want to have a full day off on Sunday and start a fresh week!

Reply to  Diehard
3 months ago

if any other team pulled this as frequently as Cal, they would get crucified in the comments. But because it’s Cal and people (for some reason) like them (despite them being the most unlikeable team and university), they get a pass and even praised

3 months ago