International Swimming League Match 1 in Indianapolis: Day 2 Live Recap


Day Two

The lane assignment have been scrambled for Day 2, with Energy Standard and Cali Condors taking the middle of the pool and Aqua Centurions and DC Trident occupying the outside lanes. The assignments are based on the team standings as of Day 1:

  • Energy Standard 250.0 points – Lanes 3/4
  • Cali Condors 229.5 points – Lanes 5/6
  • DC Trident 165.0 points – Lanes 7/8
  • Aqua Centurions 163.5 points – Lanes 1/2

SwimSwam’s Reid Carlson provides live color commentary on each race in italics, below:

Women’s 100 free

1.    Sarah SJOSTROM – Energy Standard – 51.76
2.    Siobhan HAUGHEY – DC Trident – 52.34
3.    Olivia SMOLIGA – Cali Condors – 52.59
4.    Penny OLEKSIAK – Energy Standard – 52.86
5.    Mallory COMERFORD – Cali Condors – 53.06
6.    Anika APOSTALON – DC Trident – 53.87
7.    Silvia di PIETRO – Aqua Centurions – 54.00
8.    Larissa OLIVEIRA – Aqua Centurions – 54.51

Sarah Sjostrom of Energy Standard, who is in the running for MVP of the women’s meet with two individual wins (50 free and 100 fly) and a relay gold on Saturday, continued her winning ways with a victory in the women’s 100 free to kick off Sunday’s competition. Swimming in the middle of the pool, she turned in 24.81 at the 50, just ahead of Olivia Smoliga. Sjostrom touched in 51.76 to claim her 3rd individual gold. Siobhan Haughey of DC Trident finished 2nd, Smoliga took 3rd.

Energy Standard’s Sjostrom ups her individual win streak in the ISL to a perfect 3-for-3 here in the 100 free. With a 51.76, Sjostrom was faster even than everyone but herself in yesterday’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay in today’s open 100. We’ll see Sjostrom again in the women’s 50 freestyle “skins” race, the final event of the session, barring a tie-breaker 4 x 50 mixed medley relay. Penny Oleksiak adds to the points for Energy Standard with a 4th-place finish, meanwhile Olivia Smoliga and Mallory Comerford add substantial points to the Condors with 3rd and 5th-place finishes. Smoliga, like Sjostrom, will also swim the 50 freestyle “skins” race, as will runner-up Siobhan Haughey.

Haughey brings in 7 more points for the DC Trident, despite swimming out of lane 7.

1.    Chad le CLOS – Energy Standard – 46.96
2.    Simonas BILIS – Energy Standard – 47.12
3.    Breno CORREIA – Aqua Centurions – 47.15
4.    Santo CONDORELLI – Aqua Centurions – 47.41
5.    Zach APPLE – DC Trident – 47.53
6.    Kacper MAJCHRZAK – Cali Condors – 47.63
7.    Bowe BECKER – Cali Condors – 47.71
8.    Robert HOWARD – DC Trident – 48.12

Santo Condorelli took it out first, but an unbelievable finish from Chad le Clos gave the 100 free to Energy Standard. Le Clos came from behind to touch in 46.96, just ahead of teammate Simonas Bilis (47.12), giving Energy Standard a 1-2 finish and 16 points. Aqua Centurions went 3-4 with Breno Correia and Condorelli.

Chad le Clos buried all doubts that he is in danger of under-performing due to an illness severe enough to require him to perform a “fitness test” just to compete in Indy. Though le Clos was not as fast as Rome-based Santo Condorelli through the first 50 meter, he utilized his underwaters to propel him ahead of Condorelli and to the wall first. Condorelli and le Clos later race the 50 fly and the 50 freestyle “skins” race later on, with the fly coming fast. The lactic acid these swimmers must be feeling with such proximity between races is palpable; whether it will reflect in their performances near the end of the session will be an interesting aspect to watch from a training perspective.

Women’s 100 breast

1.    Lilly KING – Cali Condors – 1:04.43
2.    Molly HANNIS – Cali Condors – 1:05.08
3.    Bethany GALAT – DC Trident – 1:05.27
4.    Martina CARRARO – Aqua Centurions – 1:05.37
5.    Leiston PICKETT – DC Trident – 1:05.77
6.    Imogen CLARK – Energy Standard – 1:05.90
7.    Kierra SMITH – Energy Standard – 1:06.82
8.    Georgia BOHL – Aqua Centurions – 1:06.88

Cali Condors went 1-2 in another breaststroke event as Lilly King edged teammate Molly Hannis, 1:04.43 to 1:05.08, to win the 100 breast. That’s the 3rd win for King, who along with Sjostrom is leading the women’s field for MVP. DC Trident’s Bethany Galat got her hand to the wall only .10 ahead of Martina Carraro of Aqua Centurions for third place.

Lilly King picked up her 3rd individual win for a weekend total of 27 individual points with the victory in the 100 breaststroke. The Cali Condors bring in 16 points total, thanks to a 2nd-place finish from Molly Hannis. DC Trident also fared well in this race, thanks to a 3rd-place finish from Bethan Galat and a 5th-place finish from Leiston Pickett.

Men’s 100 breast

1.    Ilya SHYMANOVICH – Energy Standard – 56.71
2.    Nicolo MARTINENGHI – Aqua Centurions – 57.05
3.    Anton CHUPKOV – Energy Standard – 57.40
4.    Fabio SCOZZOLI – Aqua Centurions – 57.47
5.    Nic FINK – Cali Condors – 57.85
6.    Ian FINNERTY – DC Trident – 58.38
7.    Andrew WILSON – Cali Condors – 59.04
8.    Cody MILLER – DC Trident – 59.38

It was a wire-to-wire win for Ilya Shymanovich in the 100 breast. Out in 26.38, already nearly half a body length ahead of the field at the 50, he held on to get the win for Energy Standard with 56.71. Nicolo Martinenghi of Aqua Centurions kept Energy Standard from getting another 1-2 finish, grabbing second place over Anton Chupkov, 57.05 to 57.40.

Ilya Shymanovich and Anton Chupkov picked up 15 points for Energy Standard with 1st and 3rd-place finishes. Martinenghi and Scozzoli bring in a much-needed 12-point haul with 2nd and 4th-place finishes. DC Trident’s Cody Miller held true to his word and altered his technique to only do 1 dolphin kick off each wall, following a relay disqualification at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in August. Even so, Miller finished in 8th.


  1. Energy Standard – 300 points
  2. Cali Condors – 266.5 points
  3. Aqua Centurions – 195.5 points
  4. DC Trident – 194 points

Women’s 400 free

Katie Ledecky took it out first from lane 7, trying to put clear water behind her from the outset. Ariarne Titmus, who upset Ledecky at Worlds this summer, led the rest of the field but trailed Ledecky by a full body at the 200. Titmus had come back on Ledecky in Gwangju, so this time Ledecky wasn’t giving anyone a chance. She ended up winning by 3.6 seconds with 3:54.06, giving valuable points to DC Trident and pulling the team into 3rd place. Titmus placed 2nd in 3:57.61, 2.2 seconds ahead of her Cali Condors teammate, Hali Flickinger. Sarah Kohler scored points for Aqua Centurions with her fourth-place finish. She was 4 full seconds ahead of DC Trident’s Leah Neale.

Katie Ledecky and Ariarne Titmus, representing the DC Trident and Cali Condors, respectively, faced off in a rematch in the women’s 400 freestyle, where Ledecky, who might be called a “novice” in SCM competition where she holds no notable records, blasted a 3:54.06 to win by multiple body-lengths and finish just .14 off Titmus’ 2018 World Record in the SCM version of this event. FINA has stated that it will ignore times posted in ISL competition, an assertion which will now be put to the test, as Ledecky destroyed Katie Hoff’s 2010 American Record, which previously–or perhaps still stands–at a 3:57.07.

Jack-of-all-trades Hali Flickinger, swimming for the Condors, placed 3rd for 6 points, bringing the Condors total points in this race to 13, an equal team result for the Condors than DC Trident, despite Ledecky’s incredible swim, as the Trident’s second swimmer, Leah Neale, placed 5th for and equal 13 points.


  1. Energy Standard – 303 points
  2. Cali Condors – 279.5 points
  3. DC Trident – 207 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 201.5 points

Men’s 400 free

1.    Zane GROTHE – DC Trident – 3:41.64
2.    Mykhailo ROMANCHUK – Energy Standard – 3:42.26
3.    Anton IPSEN – Cali Condors – 3:42.79
4.    Velimir STJEPANOVIC – DC Trident – 3:43.10
5.    Poul ZELLMANN – Aqua Centurions – 3:43.15
6.    Kregor ZIRK – Energy Standard – 3:44.75
7.    Townley HAAS – Cali Condors – 3:44.76
8.    Travis MAHONEY – Aqua Centurions – 3:47.92

Another big win for DC Trident with Zane Grothe claiming victory in the 400 free. Grothe led from start to finish out in lane 8, winning decisively in 3:41.64. Mykhailo Romanchuk of Energy Standard took 2nd ahead of Cali Condors’ Anton Ipsen, 3:42.26 to 3:42.79.

Women’s 4×100 medley

1.    Cali Condors 1 (Olivia SMOLIGA, Lilly KING, Kelsi DAHLIA, Mallory COMERFORD) – 3:49.06
2.    Cali Condors 2 (Kylie MASSE, Molly HANNIS, Natalie HINDS, Kasia WASICK) – 3:50.39
3.    Energy Standard 2 (Emily SEEBOHM, Imogen CLARK, Rebecca SMITH, Femke HEEMSKERK) – 3:51.26
4.    DC Trident 1 (Simona KUBOVA, Bethany GALAT, Brianna THROSSELL, Siobhan HAUGHEY) – 3:52.11
5.    Aqua Centurions 1 (Marghertia PANZIERA, Martina CARRARO, Elena di LIDDO, Federica PELLEGRINI) – 3:53.27
6.    Energy Standard 1 (Georgia DAVIES, Kierra SMITH, Sarah SJOSTROM, Charlotte BONNET) – 3:53.91
7.    DC Trident 2 (Lisa BRATTON, Leiston PICKETT, Sarah GIBSON, Annika BRUHN) – 3:54.48
8.    Aqua Centurions 2 (Silvia SCALIA, Georgia BOHL, Ilaria BIANCHI, Lidon MUNOZ) – 3:58.07

Cali Condors got out to a quick start with a backstroke leg from Olivia Smoliga. Lilly King took over on breaststroke and handed off to Kelsi Dahlia with a full body-length lead. King split 1:03.78. Dahlia kept the lead for the Cali Condors, while Natalie Hinds moved the other Cali Condors relay into 2nd place on the fly split.  Kasia Wasick held off  Energy Standard’s Femke Heemskerk to give the Condors a 1-2 finish, which is huge for the team points in their battle with Energy Standard. Energy Standard took 3rd and 6th so the team race, while tightening, hasn’t changed.

The Cali Condors picked up a windfall 32 points with 1st and 2nd-place finishes in the women’s 4 x 100 medley relay. While the ‘A’ team from the Condors was dominant over the entire field, the ‘B’ team was dominant over everybody else, finishing nearly a full second ahead of the fastest foursome from Every Standard which placed 3rd. Energy Standard’s other team placed 6th for as many points, bringing their total in this heat to 18 points.


  1. Energy Standard – 331 points
  2. Cali Condors – 319.5 points
  3. DC Trident – 235 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 216.5 points

Men’s 200 IM

  1. Mitch LARKIN – Cali Condors – 1:52.93
  2. Andreas VAZAIOS – DC Trident – 1:53.05
  3. Philip HEINTZ – Aqua Centurions – 1:54.41
  4. Mark SZARANEK – Cali Condors – 1:56.30
  5. Jay LITHERLAND – DC Trident – 1:57.37
  6. Maxim STUPIN – Energy Standard – 1:57.42
  7. Anton CHUPKOV – Energy Standard – 1:58.73
  8. Laszlo CSEH – Aqua Centurions – 1:59.42

Mitch Larkin of Cali Condors had a phenomenal finish, surging at the end to get his hand on the wall just ahead of Andreas Vazaios of DC Trident, to win the 200 IM . Philip Heintz of Aqua Centurions took 3rd.

The Condors picked up another victory with Mitch Larkin, who just held off Andreas Vazaios of DC Trident for the 9-point win. Mark Szaranek got to the wall 4th while DC Trident’s Jay Litherland hit the wall 5th. The DC Trident has proven to be a much more formidable team on Day 2 of this competition than was hinted at with yesterday’s performances. Energy Standard was uncharacteristically lackluster in this heat, placing only 6th and 7th for a mere 5 points.

Women’s 200 IM

  1. Melanie MARGALIS – Cali Condors – 2:04.18
  2. Kelsey WOG – Cali Condors – 2:06.27
  3. Kayla SANCHEZ – Energy Standard – 2:06.90
  4. Siobhan HAUGHEY – DC Trident – 2:07.65
  5. Emma BARKSDALE – DC Trident – 2:10.56
  6. Mary-Sophie HARVEY – Energy Standard – 2:11.30
  7. Hanna MILEY – Aqua Centurions – 2:12.36
  8. Alba VAZQUEZ – Aqua Centurions – 2:15.43

Melanie Margalis won her second IM of the weekend with a dominant 2:04.18 in the 200. Teammate Kelsey Wog edged Energy Standard’s Kayla Sanchez, 2:06.27 to 2:06.90, to give Cali Condors another 1-2 finish.

The Cali Condors are proving to be the team to beat with a 1-2 finish from Melanie Margalis and Kelsey Wog in the women’s 200 IM, bringing in another 16 points. While Energy Standard appeared more stacked on paper, the Condors have proven strategically superior on day 2. While most internationals have more experience racing short course meters, the fast-paced short course yards format of the NCAA–and perhaps the “home turf advantage” of racing on U.S. soil, seems to be propelling the Condors as the competition goes on.

The DC Trident chose to add Emma Barksdale to the women’s 200 IM in place of Bethany Galat. Barksdale came away with a 5th-place finish, just behind teammate Haughey.

Men’s 50 fly

  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 22.66
  2. Chad le CLOS – Energy Standard – 22.73
  3. Matteo RIVOLTA – Aqua Centurions – 23.07
  4. Giles SMITH – DC Trident – 23.15
  5. Santo CONDORELLI – Aqua Centurions – 23.32
  6. John SHEBAT – Cali Condors – 23.37
  7. Justin RESS – Cali Condors – 23.56
  8. Zach HARTING – DC Trident – 23.78

Florent Manaudou won the 50 fly with 22.66 in a tight race with teammate Chad le Clos, giving Energy Standard much-needed points in their team battle against a surging Cali Condors squad. Third place went to Aqua Centurions’ Matteo Rivolta who touched out DC Trident’s Giles Smith, 23.07 to 23.15.

Despite spending a relatively short amount of time underwater, 50 freestyle champion Florent Manaudou won the men’s 50 fly with a 22.66, just holding off teammate Chad le Clos, who posted a 23.73. Though the Cali Condors appeared to have shown a dominant hand earlier in the session, the 50 fly has helped to swing momentum back towards Energy Standard.

Women’s 50 fly

  1. Sarah SJOSTROM – Energy Standard – 25.16
  2. Brianna THROSSELL – DC Trident – 25.56
  3. Kelsi DAHLIA – Cali Condors – 25.57
  4. Anastasiya SHKURDAI – Energy Standard – 26.04
  5. Elena di LIDDO – Aqua Centurions – 26.05
  6. Natalie HINDS – Cali Condors – 26.11
  7. Silvia di PIETRO – Aqua Centurions – 26.53
  8. Natalie COUGHLIN – DC Trident – 27.01

Sarah Sjostrom won her 4th individual event ahead of Brianna Throssell and Kelsi Dahlia. Sjostrom stopped the clock at 25.16, dominating the field in yet another event. Throssell managed to touch out Dahlia by 1/100, taking second place with 25.56. Energy Standard picked up more points when Anastasiya Shkurdai slipped ahead of Aqua Centurions’ Elena de Liddo, 26.04 to 26.05, for fourth place.

Sarah Sjostrom won her 4th individual event of the meet with the victory in the women’s 50 butterfly, now making her MVP status undisputed. Anastasiya Shkurdai placed 4th, bringing the Energy Standard total points in the race to 14. Sjostrom’s total points for the meet now stands at 80.

Men’s 100 back

  1. Kliment KOLESNIKOV – Energy Standard – 50.16
  2. Simone SABBIONI – Aqua Centurions – 50.76
  3. Mitch LARKIN – Cali Condors / Tristan HOLLARD – DC Trident – tied 51.57
  4. Radoslaw KAWECKI – Cali Condors – 51.77
  5. Apostolos CHRISTOU – Aqua Centurions – 52.66
  6. Abrahm DEVINE – DC Trident – 54.25*
  7. Kregor ZIRK – Energy Standard – 54.62*

*Did not make time minimum

Energy Standard kept the streak going with a 50.16 win in the 100 back from Kliment Kolesnikov. Simone Sabbione of Aqua Centurions blew past Mitch Larkin of Cali Condors over the second half of the race, stopping the clock at 50.76 for second place. Larkin ended up tied with Tristan Hollard of DC Trident for third with 51.57.

Energy Standard’s Kliment Kolesnikov roared to the wall in a 50.16 to win the 100 backstroke. The Aqua Centurions got much-needed points from Simone Sabbioni‘s 2nd-place finish (7 points) and Apostolos Christou’s 6th-place finish (3 points). Despite Kolesnikov’s victory, Energy Standard will only come away with 8 points in this event, as Kregor Zirk was deducted a point for swimming slower than the minimum time standard. Similarly, DC Trident’s Abrahm DeVine was also docked a point for his time. DeVine was penalized for the same infraction in the 400 IM on day 1.

Women’s 100 back

  1. Olivia SMOLIGA – Cali Condors – 56.38
  2. Kylie MASSE – Cali Condors – 56.92
  3. Emily SEEBOHM – Energy Standard – 56.95
  4. Georgia DAVIES – Energy Standard – 57.84
  5. Lisa BRATTON – DC Trident – 58.03
  6. Simona KUBOVA – DC Trident – 58.22
  7. Margherita PANZIERA – Aqua Centurions – 58.37
  8. Silvia SCALIA – Aqua Centurions – 58.93

Olivia Smoliga led a 1-2 finish for Cali Condors, touching in a winning time of 56.38. Teammate Kylie Masse just touched out Energy Standard’s Emily Seebohm, 56.92 to 56.95, to help keep the Condors in the team race. Energy Standard went 3-4 with Seebohm and Georgia Davies (57.84).

Olivia Smoliga and Kylie Masse brough in another 16 points for the Cali Condors with a 1-2 finish in the 100 backstroke, though Energy Standard’s Emily Seebohm brought up 4th. Despite being one of the best sprint freestylers on the Condors’ roster, Smoliga was utilized here in the women’s 100 backstroke as opposed to the mixed 4 x 100 freestyle relay.


  1. Energy Standard – 377 points
  2. Cali Condors – 357 points
  3. DC Trident – 267.5 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 243.5 points

Mixed 4×100 free

  1. Energy Standard 1 (Evgeny RYLOV-M, Simonas BILIS-M, Kayla SANCHEZ-F, Penny OLEKSIAK-F) – 3:18.45
  2. Aqua Centurions 1 (Alessandro MIRESSI-M, Breno CORREIA-M, Federica PELLEGRINI-F, Lidon MUNOZ-F) – 3:21.04
  3. Energy Standard 2 (Sergey SHEVTSOV-M, Ivan GIREV-M, Charlotte BONNET-F, Rebecca SMITH-F) – 3:21.51
  4. Cali Condors 2 (Townley HAAS-M, Melanie MARGALIS-F, Ariarne TITMUS-F, Bowe BECKER-M) – 3:21.71
  5. DC Trident 1 (Jeremy STRAVIUS-M, Zach APPLE-M, Annika BRUHN-F, Anika APOSTALON-F) – 3:21.78
  6. Cali Condors 1 (Kacper MAJCHRZAK-M, John SHEBAT-M, Mallory COMERFORD-F, Natalie HINDS-F) – 3:22.23
  7. DC Trident 2 (Velimir STJEPANOVIC-M, Zane GROTHE-M, Leah NEALE-F, Katie LEDECKY-F) – 3:24.87
  8. Aqua Centurions 2 (Travis MAHONEY-M, Poul ZELLMANN-M, Silvia di PIETRO-F, Larissa OLIVEIRA-F) – 3:25.61

Energy Standard continued its relay dominance with a win in the mixed 4×100 freestyle relay. The battle for 2nd/3rd was exciting with Aqua Centurions edging the second Energy Standard team for 2nd.

All eight relays led off with men, but from there the strategy varied. Alessandro Miressi got the Aqua Centurions off to the fastest start with his 46.94 leadoff but Energy Standard took over with a second leg of 46.56 from Simonas Bilis. The quartet never let up from there, and wound up winning in a very dominant 3:18.45.

Cali Condors switched out John Shebat for Bowe Becker on their “2nd” squad. Despite a 46.95 anchor from Becker, the Condors couldn’t catch the top three relays, all anchored by women. Shebat then swam on the Condors’ “1st” relay in the second position after Kacper Majchrzak.

Leading off the mixed 4 x 100 freestyle relay for the Aqua Centurions, Alessandro Miressi posted a time of 46.94, which would have won the individual 100 freestyle earlier in the session, ahead of le Clos’ 46.96. Despite the fast start, Energy Standard proved to be the team to beat in this event, taking the victory by nearly 3 seconds. Evgeny Rylov and Simonas Bilis brought Energy Standard out to a lead at 200 meters, and Kayla Sanchez and Penny Oleksiak brought it home. Oleksiak’s 51.81 split was the fastest of all women in the field. Energy Standard’s second team placed 3rd, making for a total points haul of 30 points in just this heat.

The Cali Condors, who went 1-2 in the women’s 4 x 100 medley relay, placed 4th and 6th.


  1. Energy Standard – 407 points
  2. Cali Condors – 373 points
  3. DC Trident – 279.5 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 259.5 points

Women’s 200 fly

  1. Hali FLICKINGER – Cali Condors – 2:05.42
  2. Kelsi DAHLIA – Cali Condors – 2:06.93
  3. Franziska HENTKE – Aqua Centurions – 2:06.94
  4. Bethany GALAT – DC Trident – 2:08.55
  5. Brianna THROSSELL – DC Trident – 2:09.53
  6. Mary-Sophie HARVEY – Energy Standard – 2:10.07
  7. Ilaria BIANCHI – Aqua Centurions – 2:11.33
  8. Anastasiya SHKURDAI – Energy Standard – 2:11.59

Cali Condors earned another 16 points with a 1-2 punch from Hali Flickinger and Kelsi Dahlia. Dahlia led the field through the first 150 meters but fell off pace over the final two laps. Flickinger outsplit her teammate by 1.5 seconds over the last 50 meters and got the win in 2:05.42. Franziska Hentke of Aqua Centurions also beat Dahlia on the final 2 laps but fell 1/100 short of taking second place. Dahlia held on with 2:06.93 to Hentke’s 2:06.94.

Though Kelsi Dahlia set off to an early lead in the women’s 200 fly, she was run down by Hali Flickinger, giving the Condors a 1-2 finish. Energy Standard took a blow with 6th and 8th-place finishes in the heat, though it’s worth noting that Mary-Sophie Harvey, who placed 6th, had already swam the 400 freestyle and the 200 IM earlier in the session. DC Trident padded the middle with 4th and 5th-place finishes.


  1. Energy Standard – 411 points
  2. Cali Condors – 389 points
  3. DC Trident – 288.5 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 267.5 points

Men’s 200 fly

  1. Chad le CLOS – Energy Standard – 1:52.66
  2. Andreas VAZAIOS – DC Trident – 1:53.04
  3. Mark SZARANEK – Cali Condors – 1:55.78
  4. Kregor ZIRK – Energy Standard – 1:56.47
  5. Matteo RIVOLTA – Aqua Centurions – 1:56.63
  6. Laszlo CSEH – Aqua Centurions – 1:56.77
  7. Zach HARTING – DC Trident – 1:56.88
  8. Jan SWITKOWSKI – Cali Condors – 1:58.63

Chad le Clos led for much of the race but DC Trident’s Andreas Vazaios charged over the second half and looked like he would get the win from lane 8. And yet at the touch it was le Clos with the win in 1:52.66, helping to keep Energy Standard on top of the team point race. Vazaios took second place ahead of Mark Szaranek of Cali Condors. The field was bunched up after Szaranek, with Kregor Zirk (1:56.47), Matteo Rivolta (1:56.63), Laszlo Cseh (1:56.77), and Zach Harting (1:56.88) all coming in together.

Chad le Clos, former World Record holder in the 200 SCM butterfly, secured Energy Standard another win with his narrow victory of DC Trident’s Andreas Vazaios, who turned ahead of le Clos at 150 meters and held on for a 2nd-place finish. Cali Condors Mark Szaranek brought up 3rd, while Energy Standard picked up further points with a 4th-place finish from Kregor Zirk.

Women’s 50 free skins

Round 1 – Quarterfinal

  1. Sarah SJOSTROM – Energy Standard – 23.89
  2. Femke HEEMSKERK – Energy Standard – 23.97
  3. Kasia WASICK – Cali Condors – 24.25
  4. Olivia SMOLIGA – Cali Condors – 24.32
  5. Madison KENNEDY – DC Trident – 24.35
  6. Siobhan HAUGHEY – DC Trident – 24.46
  7. Larissa OLIVEIRA – Aqua Centurions – 25.03
  8. Silvia di PIETRO – Aqua Centurions – 25.05

The first round of skins went to Sarah Sjostrom (23.89), followed by Femke Heemskerk (23.97), giving Energy Standard 2 entries in the semi-final. Kasia Wasick (24.25) and Olivia Smoliga (24.32) of Cali Condors finished 3rd and 4th, locking Aqua Centurions and DC Trident out of the next rounds.

Round 2 – Semifinal

  1. Sarah SJOSTROM – Energy Standard – 24.32
  2. Femke HEEMSKERK – Energy Standard – 24.58
  3. Olivia SMOLIGA – Cali Condors – 24.76
  4. Kasia WASICK – Cali Condors – 25.20

Round 2. Smoliga turned 1st but Sjostrom (24.32) and Heemskerk (24.58) got their hands to the wall ahead of Smoliga to give Energy Standard BOTH entries in the final. Huge team points.

Round 3 – Final

  1. Sarah SJOSTROM – Energy Standard – 25.11
  2. Femke HEEMSKERK – Energy Standard – 25.42

Round 3. Sarah Sjostrom won the final round, taking home 27 points and locking up the MVP of the Indianapolis match. While Heemskerk may have turned just ahead of Sjostrom at the 25 wall, Sjostrom was strong and steady over the last 25 and touched in 25.11 to Heemskerk’s 25.42.

The first and second rounds of the women’s 50 freestyle skins race were dominated by Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom and Femke Heemskerk. The Cali Condors picked up double points thanks to 3rd and 4th-place finishes from Olivia Smoliga and Kasia Wasik, but Energy Standard will reap the greatest rewards as Sjostrom and Heemskerk will take triple points for 1st and 2nd-place finishes. Despite having only 3 minutes and no warm down between heats, Sjostrom only added .04 from her first 50 to her second.

Sjostrom did come away with the win, hitting the wall in 25.11 to cap off the third round of the knock-out-style event. Heemskerk’s 2nd-place finish, good for 21 points, boosts Energy Standard by 48 points.


  1. Energy Standard – 521 points
  2. Cali Condors – 425 points
  3. DC Trident – 290.5 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 316.5 point

Men’s 50 free skins

Round 1 – Quarterfinal

  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 21.24
  2. Santo CONDORELLI – Aqua Centurions – 21.52
  3. Ben PROUD – Energy Standard – 21.53
  4. Robert HOWARD – DC Trident – 21.59
  5. Bowe BECKER – Cali Condors – 21.62
  6. Justin RESS – Cali Condors – 21.66
  7. Zach APPLE – DC Trident – 21.79
  8. Luca DOTTO – Aqua Centurions – 21.81

Round 1. Energy Standard’s Florent Manaudou (21.24) took off like a rocket who won the first round ahead of Santo Condorelli from Aqua Centurions and Energy Standard’s Ben Proud. Robert Howard of DC Trident took 4th from lane 8th and will move on to Round 2. Cali Condors were shut out of the semifinal.

Round 2 – Semifinal

  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 22.00
  2. Ben PROUD – Energy Standard – 22.40
  3. Santo CONDORELLI – Aqua Centurions – 22.86
  4. Robert HOWARD – DC Trident – 22.88

Round 2. Manaudou turned first at the 25 wall and won his second 50 free with his teammate Ben Proud just behind. So for the second event in a row, Energy Standard dominated the skins and further separated themselves from Cali Condors in the team points.

Round 3 – Final

  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 22.97
  2. Ben PROUD – Energy Standard – 24.38

Round 3. Manaudou continued his dominance in the 50 free, winning the skins race over teammate Proud, 22.97 to 24.38. Proud seemed to run out of gas at the end, but Energy Standard swept the top 2 spots in the skins event, giving them 48 more points.

Ben Proud and Flo Manaudou brought in more big points for Energy Standard by advancing to the second round of the men’s 50 skins race, while the Aqua Centurions with Santo Condorelli and DC Trident with Robert Howard also pushed into the semifinals-like heat of 4 swimmers. Manaudou and Proud were unbeatable in the second heat, advancing to the final round of 2. Manaudou won by multiple body-lengths in the final round of the 50 skins race, leaving Proud to place 2nd in 24.38. Though both swimmers were above the minimum time standard of 22.50, the skins race runs differently and is about racing and is even less focused on times than other events in ISL competition. Proud and Manaudou walk away with 48 more points between them for a total of 96 from both the men’s and women’s skins races.

Final Team Scores – Group A Match 1

  1. Energy Standard – 539 points
  2. Cali Condors – 457 points
  3. DC Trident – 330.5 points
  4. Aqua Centurions – 300.5 point

The 96 points secured by Energy Standard in the skins races is exactly the margin of victory over the runners-up Cali Condors. Now that the competition has concluded, team standings show two clear leaders in Energy Standard with 521 points and the Cali Condors, who finished with 425 points. DC Trident places 3rd with 316.5 points while the Aqua Centurions finish 4th with 290.5 points.

Though we did not bother predicting possible point totals for the meet, we did accurately predict the final team standings in an article published Wednesday which analyzed possible team outcomes based on the rosters we had received from 3 of the 4 teams that swam in Indy. It is also worth noting that, while the 96 points netted by Energy Standard is exactly the margin of victory over the Cali Condors, the Condors brought in 22 points in the women’s skins race and 7 points in the men’s skins race. This accounting shows us that Energy Standard was still the dominant club up to that point in the meet, and that the skins races did not secure Energy Standard’s victory but only increased the margin of it over the other teams.

We should also note that the Cali Condors had to content without their best male sprinter, American Caeleb Dressel. Dressel would have likely had a major impact on the final results of the men’s skins race, and could have also swayed the final standings of the 50 and 100 fly, events Energy Standard dominated, as well as the 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and relays such as the men’s 4 x 100 medley, or the mixed 4 x 100 free. Dressel will be in action for the Condors next weekend in Naples.

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bear drinks beer
3 years ago

I would love to see skins in all four strokes. It’s the funniest part of these two days.

Reply to  bear drinks beer
3 years ago

Me too. One race right after another. Mix it up. Be different. 4 x 100 fly relay etc.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

The mixed 4×1 should make the men swim breaststroke. Or make it a 4×50, as a surprise

3 years ago

is that a short course?

3 years ago

If it wasn’t short course we’d be seeing world records galore…… and mind-boggling ones at that.

3 years ago

Wonder why Dressel is going to Naples over Indy

Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Gregg Troy was inducted into the UF Hall of Fame on Friday. While nobody has declared it as such, we all presume that this was the reason for the choice (Troy was not in Indy either). None of the usual excuses about missing training and etc. really make sense.

3 years ago

That was great to watch though I have already grown tired of the arm flapping by the Cali Condors swimmers. It will only be tolerable in the future if the D.C. swimmers are allowed to pull out tridents.

3 years ago

I know it makes it look better on TV for the stands to be full, but half the fans were at the other end of the 50m. There wasn’t anyone on the opposite side so the Nat. A much better fan experience and views would have been to fill both sides of the 25 meter end. It also would have been a nicer fan experience to see the athletes interacting on deck.

Reply to  BksrtkBabe
3 years ago

There were some logistical issues with filling the other side because of some ADA problems discovered relating to production equipment. The original plan had spectators on both sides.

Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Man, Flo is going to be trouble for everyone else this year.

3 years ago

How does qualification for the finals work? I presume it’d be top two out of each group but what if the top four teams aren’t 2 european 2 American as is specified for the final?

Reply to  EasySpeed
3 years ago

Then someone will be skipped until they get the 2 and 2.

3 years ago

A draft like in the NHL, NBA, NFL would make the league more equal and even more fun

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