Hubi Kos on 50.8 100 Fly: “I’m probably the greatest IMer… if you take out the breaststroke”


Hubi Kos, the 2023 world champion in the 200 backstroke, tied world record holder Caeleb Dressel in the 100 fly last night in San Antonio, both touching at 50.8. Kos confirms that he will target the 100 fly as an individual event in Paris, which falls on Day 7/8, after both the 100 and 200 back.

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Ranger Coach
1 month ago

It would be fun to see who would win the IM if you took out each stroke.

Nick the biased Aussie
1 month ago

Ceccon would have him covered

1 month ago

It would be hunter Armstrong, he is class in free, back and fly..I Don t know about his breast..even Ryan Murphy. Dressel is keen in everything..

Jalen T
1 month ago

Phelps was a terrible backstroker so that title would belong to him. And McIntosh is a better IMer then he is and she is like 5 years younger

Reply to  Jalen T
1 month ago

I’ve seen a lot of bad takes but Phelps being a terrible backstroker is certainly one of them

Stewart Fenwick
Reply to  Jalen T
1 month ago

Are you talking about the same Phelps who swam second fastest ever 100 back (2007) and swam world’s top 5 in 200 back around 2005-2007?

Reply to  Stewart Fenwick
1 month ago

#3 to be exact at 2007 summer nationals, 1/3 of a second behind Lochte’s WR at the time and a couple tenths or something behind Peirsol’s PB

Reply to  jeff
1 month ago

Yeah, Phelps still has a faster 100 back PB than Hubi and that was in a much worse suit with no wedge 17 years ago.

1 month ago

Everyone talking about G Walsh, Huske and Douglass amongst females as if Sjostrom isn’t the 50/100 free and fly WR holder and a sub 28/60 backstroker …

Last edited 1 month ago by Splash
Reply to  Splash
1 month ago

Right, I would back 2017 Sjostrom over the field. Or 2021 Sjostrom that didn’t break her elbow

1 month ago

Same….and the fly….

1 month ago

He shortchanges himself. He IS a world-record holder in the IM, just for Juniors.

1 month ago

“This is my last taper meet”

Clowns thinking he was fully under heavy training in the live thread. Clueless.

Y’all can downvote it as much as you want if you want to feel better u bums 🥱🥱🥱🤫

Last edited 1 month ago by HeGetsItDoneAgain
Wanna Sprite?
Reply to  HeGetsItDoneAgain
1 month ago

He hasn’t had significant longcourse training yet. This last block is gonna solidify some major improvements. He’s gonna win multiple medals and probably the 2back gold in a world record

Reply to  Wanna Sprite?
1 month ago

He’s definitely the favorite for 2back gold, but I’d be surprised if he even broke 1:53

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